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My First Try At Black Feathers:Divine Feathers!

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2 x Jibakushin - Wiracocha Rasca

3 x Jibakushin - Aslla Piscu

3 x BF - Gale of the Hurricane

2 x BF - Blizzard of the North Pole

3 x BF - Kalut of the Moon Shadow

2 x BF - Shura of the Azure Flame

2 x BF - Sirocco the Dawn

1 x BF - Blast of Black Lance

2 x Mystic Tomato


3 x Mausoleum of the Emperor

1 x Terraforming

2 x Cold Wave

2 x Allure

1 x Reborn

1 x Storm

3 x Black Whirlwind

3 x Swallow Nest


1 x Delta Crow - Anti Reverse

2 x BTH

2 x Icarus


Generic Extra Deck

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I don't Use it for the effect...

I go this way...





anyways I have to test this...XD



BTW at least you didn't said it is build wrong and that made my day XD

Oh yeah, I just noticed how that works! xD

And yeah, it's not wrong, it's pretty cool actually.

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