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Arcanite Deck


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Deck 41


Monsters 21

2- Arcanite Magician Assault Mode

3- The Tricky


3- Apprentice Magician

3- Arcanite Apprentice

2- Assault Beast

2- Crystal Seer

2- Magical Exemplar

1- Old Vindictive Magician

1- Breaker

1- Sangan

1- Kycoo


Spells 15

3- Instant Fusion

3- Spell Power Grasp

2- Assault Teleport

2- Magical Citidal of Endymion

1- Terraforming

1- Monster Reborn

1- Mystical Space Typhoon

1- Giant Trunade

1- Heavy Storm


Traps 5

3- Assault Mode Activate

2- Bottomless Trap Hole


Extra Deck 6

3- Arcanite Magician

3- Musician King

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Max out Spell Power Grasp' date=' for starters. And why are you not running Magical Exemplar?


I used to run her when i had a more beat down type spellcaster deck but since i used monsters with higher levels it was hard to realy abuse her effect but since i have lower monsters i guess she could work but what should i replace for her and the extra power grasp?

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-2 Assault Beast

-2 Assault Merc

+3 Magical Exemplar

+1 Arcane Apprentice

-2 Crystal Seer

+ Brain Control

+ Terraforming

-2 Magician's Circle

-Enemy Controller

if you have LV5 generic fusions

+ 3 Instant Fusion


+1 Spell Power Grasp


Add Tempest Magician to the Extra Deck as well, along with other Synchros such as Colossal Fighter or Stardust, and you're ready to go. This makes it a bit more Spellcaster-oriented than plain Arcanite, but makes him much easier to summon: Magical Exemplar + Instant Fusion means Arcanite Magician / Assault Mode next turn.

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- 1 Tricky

- 3 Instant Fusion

- 2 Assault Teleport

- 1 Seer

- 1 Kycoo (Side Deck material, even in Spellcasters)

- 1 Assault Mode Activate


+ 2 Mind Control

+ 3 TToC

+ 1 Toon Cannon Soldier

+ 2 Allure of Darkness



+ Brain Control


- Crappy fusions in Extra Deck

+ Generic Arc/Assault Extra Deck (1-2 Tempest along with arcanite, and all the favorites)


Could drop the Bottomless and one other card for 3 Solemns/Bribe (preference/what you have if you have) but it's fine without em.

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