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Would makeing this into an rp/fanfic work  

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  1. 1. Would makeing this into an rp/fanfic work

    • This could make an exellent roleplay if you have the right plot twist.
    • This game has inspired me to write a fanfic (Nexev himself lacks the skill to fanficitize said game)
    • Ugh, STFU and GTFU Nexev, that idea would suck.
    • For some reason I have an urge to eat brains.

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[spoiler=intro] That's right folks it's Necrobrawl the worlds most gruesome combat show. We have gathered the greatest necromancers from the entire YCM Kingdom to see if they can be the Necromancer King.


Undead will be graded with scores from one to ten in three categories.

Creativity: (how ingenious the design is this usually is a static reward since people usually use the same design with small modification)

Craftsmanship: (how well made the minion is, this usually gradually rises as the person grows more skilled)

Correlation with theme: (like in Iron chef with it's special ingredient everyone has to use, everyday their is a new theme, the minion must match this theme either, points grow if the theme is where said minion has an advantage (like if the theme is ice and the minion can perform cyromagic) or if it is made from the same materials. This one is diffucult for people who don't want to risk the chance of a design not working and thus sticking with one minion with minor alterations)


Highest score wins.


Said victories then award you rarer material to use or the ability to use a dark magic bank to draw more power than you can normally use. At the end of the 1 month season the totals are tallied and the winner becomes the new champion!


PS: An undead minion is when you animate the formerly deceased living matter in a certain object and make it follow your will (this happens instinctively with most reanimation as the undead feel a kinship with their masters as they are fueled by the necromancers magic).



[spoiler=Rules] Once each week for a month. A contest will be issued. In this contest the challengers must make a undead minion following a certain theme. They are only allowed to use certain materials like freshly dug bones (average quality but can be of any non endangered species) a quart of pigs blood, some special theme items and any items you win in victories.


After you have crafted you you'll be judged on three categories on a scale of one to ten.

Concept: How interesting and unique the idea is.

Craftsmanship: How well the minion realistically would perform.

Correlation to theme: How well it matches the theme, usually the tough one.


After each three judges give thier scores (with an explanation explaining why) the scores are added. The person with the highest score gets a bonus materials of a higher quality for the next match. AT any time between matches a person may challenge a judge in which case the duel only has the two other judges competing in it, the match is one on one, winner gets to keep half the points he one from the match plus a super bonus item that match the judge's specialty. However the challenged Judge gets to pick the speciality and loss makes you lose half the points the judge got so hold your tongue unless you are truly confident. At the end of the month the person with the highest point total wins 2 reps.



To apply for judge fill up this forum


What qualities make you suited as a judge:

Any prior history in twisting the barrier between life and death:


To compete fill out this form


Skills in Necromancy:

What has inspired you to become evil (viewers dig being able to relate to thier favorite contenders):


For obvious reasons I am already a judge so is I Am is interested he also has the position. So we need 1 more judge and about 2 more contestants before we can start.



[spoiler=Judges 2 so far]


Qualites suiting him being a judge: I invented the game. Plus I am very creative and may be the most dangerous for the judge challange.

Prior experience: My resume in this subject and my life story are eerily similar, including what happened to my first grade class.


Name: I Am Xarynubite


Qualites suited for judge: I am teh grim reaper's mortal avatar


Prior experince: I can summon mass legions of undead, and have great control over skeletal constructs...




[spoiler=Freshblood, I mean Contestants]

Name: Nazello

Skills in Necromancy: very basic, but have a gift in it, naturally talented

What has inspired you to become evil: abused as child


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