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My first gift!

Jovi Siagian

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Well, this tag really fits you, mate. It shows how often you copy everything you can copy. Keep on going! By the way, find some originality and happy birthday. ;)


Oh, I'm not too late, right? It's still 10 minutes before 8th July is over.


[spoiler=Guess for whom this is for....]That's right! Me!




Anyway, you know such thing that I can't give myself a gift (can I?), so give this tag flame and hatred comment and critique it deserves.


This, and con.'s return made my birthday. :D


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Where teh fawk do you live (I know' date=' but w/e). It's like 9pm here, so it's not that far away. And you posted this 2 hours ago. Anyways, I frickin' love it, style is awesome.[/quote']


It's 2 a.m by the time you posted that. So, 5 hours of differential. And what do you mean by "not that far away"? You live in Denmark, I in Indonesia. Anyway, thank you. ;)


it looks really kool and erie it has a comic strip effect to it but it still looks like a sig so decent


I doubt it'll still look good if it doesn't have the comic strip effect.


I do believe Jovi will love this ;D


Very nice style. It looks awesome!


BTW' date=' its still your B-Day here![/quote']


Don't you live in Australia?

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