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Hey Kids! It's been a while. Continuing to Troll.


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Imperial Custom

Face-up Continuous Trap Cards on the field not named "Imperial Custom" cannot be destroyed. You can control only 1 face-up "Imperial Custom".


Monsters: 17

|6| Gadgets

|1| Sangan

|2| Mask of Darkness

|3| Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

|1| Spell Canceller

|2| Giant Rat

|2| A Cat of Ill Omen


Spells: 6

|1| MST

|1| Reborn

|1| Brain Control

|1| Heavy

|1| Trunade

|1| Limiter Removal


Traps: 18


|3| Metal Reflect Slime

|3| Stronghold the Moving Fortress

|3| Zoma the Spirit

|3| Embodiment of the Apophis

|3| Imperial Custom

|2| Ultimate Offering

|1| Gravity Bind


Idk, really. I just like trolling with undestroyable Trap Monsters.

Btw, Decree says hi.

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skill drain


most of the cards in there miss the timing for skill drain.


ideally, they would slow your opponent down till uria blows em up and starts eating your opponent.


i want to say he can drop oppression and cant be oppressed by it.

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