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New contest 1 spot left


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Ok, so everyone lately has been doing make a card for the pic. well, im gonna do something a little bit different. i want you to take an already made card and give it a new pic, while keeping with the name and effect. good luck.

{spoiler=fee]5 points


[spoiler=end date]1 week



new pic for old card, same name

only 5 may enter. you will learn your card when i receive payment.



as always

1st-3 reps 50 points

2nd-2 reps 15 points


[spoiler=cards]the possible cards are

fiber jar

hundred eye dragon

beast king barbados

orca mega-fortress of darkness

theinen the great sphinx


1 metavosis

2 :: -OmeGa DeviL- ::

3 mofoa56

4 tonystuan


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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