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dark synchro in 8 easy steps

the final duelist

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you will need GIMP,

okay before we start i show the EX,



now time to get to the tut,

[spoiler=1st step]find negative lvl star(s) and the attribute signal of your monster for this


[spoiler=2nd step]open up gimp


[spoiler=3rd step]open up the card in GIMP


[spoiler=4th step]cover up the stars


[spoiler=5th step]open up the color tools and select desaturate


[spoiler=6th step]now desaturate the card(select average)


[spoiler=7th step]now you put the pic of the card on,

[spoiler=card pic example]cardobi.jpg



[spoiler=final step]put the negative stars and attribute you saved in step 1 onto the dark synchro,


and here's what the end result of my card was

[spoiler=completed card]darksynchro.jpg


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