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This... thingy.. 0.o

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So, yeah. This is a deck I won a locals with. Wanted to try it at a regionals, but a lot of the cards got jacked.



Fire Trooper x3

Volcanic Counter x3


Des Koala x3

Spirit Reaper

Morphing Jar



Chain Energy x3

Book Of Eclipse x3

Swords of Revealing Light

Level Limit - Area B

Foolish Burial x2

Messenger Of Peace x2



Magic Cylinder

Gravity Bind

Dimension Wall x3

Torrential Tribute


Just Desserts x3

Tour of Doom x3

Royal Oppression x3



Skill Drain x3

Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button x3

Double Snare x3

Imperial Iron Wall x3

Lightning Vortex x3


Just a lame Burn/Lockdown deck. The only thing I can say supporting a good thing about it is that it killed a TeleDad deck pretty easily...

Any advice, tips, or comments?

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Fire Trooper -- When this card is summoned, you can send it to the graveyard to deal 1000 damage to your opponent.


And the goal of the deck is to kinda use my opponent's stuff -- mainly, attacks and cards in hand -- against them.

Which is why I have Dimension Walls, Volcanic Counters, and the Magic Cylinder. Plus, Book of Eclipse stops swarms, flips Des Koala face-down again, and makes my opponent draw more cards so Des Koala can do more damage.

Mirror Force and Trap Dustshoot would kill those strategies.

Don't mean to completely reject your advice, but I'm just adding that little explanation of the strategy.

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