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i want to try the new keoi mero drago type of deck. i also want to make a frog deck. i saw somone use it and it wasnt amazing like G.B's, but it still ran pretty well. they used the new frogs to clear the opponent's field. i currently have a monarch that you guys helped with, a clown deck, a cloudian deck, and a semi torn up jinzo deck.

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3 Master Gig

1 Dark Ruler Vandalgyon


2 Mind Master

2 Doctor Cranium

2 Krebons

2 Psychic Commander

3 Reinforced Human Psychic Borg

3 Genetic Woman

1 Sangan



3 Brain Exploitation Research Lab

2 Telekinetic Power Well

2 Trade-In

1 One for One

1 Emergency Teleport

1 Reasoning

1 Monster Gate

1 Brain Control

1 Monster Reborn



3 Mind Over Matter

3 Dark Bribe

1 Return from the Different Dimension

1 Torrential Tribute


MST 40


It's solid, cheap and you can build it in September.

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