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Move over Britney,Hollywood is here!


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[spoiler=A little about me]Well, my name is :arrow: Put Smexy Name here!. And I recently moved to Hollywood from LA. (Los Angeles for those n00bs who dont know)My Parents are in Vegas for the week.(Lord knows why).Born and raised in LA im in 7th Grade,Currently have 7 Girlfriend's(Im a boy Lesbo's(Dont ask me how 7 came about)Umm,If my Parents Gamble most likely I wont have a CPU.....(Just kidding ,they have money.)







[spoiler=Notes]Note:The fact that I have a $1000 weekly allowance is why I have 7 GF's

Note:God,I think I have every Yu-Gi-oh Card

Note:I iz not a person that putz Z afterz everything I sayz:lol:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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