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GIMP: Background Fusion (Medium)

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  1. 1. Would you pay this service to use it in shops?

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I be found a way to make something like a holo, whitout a holo sheet, i call it Background Fusion, Playing with gimp should give you this option, but if you havent founded it... well... im gonna show you how to make you own "BF", plzs give credit if you use it. DO NOT USE IN SHOPS, JUST FOR PERSONAL USE [/size][/font]

First you will need:






Atleast you need to know:

How to holo: (fast way)

[spoiler= Instructions]

1- Open gimp and the card

2- press CTRL + ALT + O and open the background (The background should be sized to be in full card or just in pic, i will use full card)

3- Press Ctrl+L

4- Now in the lawyer screen, you have your background and the card, duplicate the card and put something like this

CARD = Strong Clarity 50% opacity

BACKGROUND = Normal 100%

CARD = Normal 100%

5- Save as JPEG

6- Upload your pic to your favorite image browser, tinypic, photobucket, etc etc etc



After uploading (or when you get fifth step) you can see your card completed, i think is kinda xtrange, but is cool.



i have made 3 at long they R


EXHAMPLEPicfusionadvance.jpg This one is the "hardest" i needed about 10 mins to adjust the transparency and type transparency to make it look it well

(original fusion pic: (Recolored by me) winged_cross_by_tat2my4head.jpg)



Credit of pics to its creators

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