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not enough people joining please move and lock


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A new divine contest just occured. Entry fee is 6 points. It goes in the pot the more people the more points. Only 3 stars or up may enter.


Round 1. July 10 - 13

Round 2. July 13 - 16

Round 3. July 16 - 19

Round 4. July 19 - 21

Round 5. July 21 - 26


[Each round is the same object]


1st and 2nd don't the parts of the pot until round 5 is over



Pot:0 points



The object is to make a divine - beast with 4000 attack points or higher with 10 stars or more.



1.Must have a good effect


2.Must have a good description


3.Has to have 4000 attack points and defense points or higher


4. Cannot be a warrior divine - beast or a zombie divine - beast


5. no complaining if you lost


6.no spamming


7.no flamming


8.finally no copying off other any peoples cards




1st. half the pot + 1 REP


2nd. quarter of the pot


3rd. 2 points from me




Good luck to everyone!!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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