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Satellite's Crimson Duel Academy


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Hello, i'm a new member, i don't know where to post this thread cause it's not really an RPG that will take place here^^ Let me explain: I created a forum wich i'm still working on, (done most of design). And what i need, are people who can help me run and administrate/moderate the forum. I need people responsible (3 people min.). PM me, or answer me here, i will explain you more about this RPG storyline, wich is based on the 5ds story. (I have experience in RPG forums, i already had one, but left it to mods to run it.)

Anyway, i apologise if this isn't the right section to post this topic. And if it was the case, i would apreciate mods to put it in the right section. Thank's for reading this. :)

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