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Broken Government Card (Updated)


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[spoiler=Broken Government]326388.jpg

[spoiler=Effect]If either player has more than 5000 Life Points, your opponent must pay 1000 Life Points during their Standby Phase to conduct their turn. If they cannot pay this cost, destroy this card. If this card is destroyed, your opponent's Life Points are now 3000.




Guess what? I edited that image myself from Google! My first (successful) image!


So yeah, the effect is exactly what it says.


I didn't make the Life Point change a gain because then it would be overpowered (Bad Simochi) and it counts as a backfire effect if your opponent tries to destroy it early on. What do you guys think?


Updated: The old one was taking into consideration 8000/8000 games. My bad, guys.

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Well then, I'll change it to 5000, I thought people still played at 8000. I'm an old fogey. If people are playing games of 4000 more often, then my Advanced Decks are full of massive win. I should post them in the deck section.

I'd appreciate if everyone re-rated based on the update.

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