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Daedalus and Nephthys Support and others 35/???


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Please rate and tell if there are any mistakes on them cause worked really hard on making these.


275809z.jpg (coral wall)


275809.jpg (eternal inferno)


275809.jpg (phoenix, ashes of might)


275809u.jpg (trapped)


275809.jpg (leviathan beast of the seas)


275809v.jpg (rising phoenix)


275809w.jpg (phoenix blazing dive bomb)


275809u.jpg (thunder phoenix)


275809o.jpg (phoenix revival)


275809.jpg (giant phoenix)


275809t.jpg (ocean drago)


275809k.jpg (rainbow serpent)


275809.jpg (sacred nephthys levia dragon)


"Levia Dragon - Daedalus" + "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys"

Once per turn you can pay 1000 Life Points to add 1 field card to your hand from your Deck or Graveyard. Send "Umi" on your side of the field to the Graveyard to destroy all cards on the field except this card and reduce your opponent's life points by half. This card cannot attack if you activate this effect. If this card is destroyed you can Special Summon either 1 "Levia Dragon - Daedalus" or 1 "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" from your Graveyard.


275809b.jpg (daedalus skeleton)


275809u.jpg (tears of the ocean)


275809qsd.jpg (ring of fire)


275809h.jpg (hand of daedalus)


275809.jpg (underwater living)


275809e.jpg (tide caller)


275809u.jpg (giant serpent)


275809ewt.jpg (crow cage)


275809.jpg (underwater city)


275809.jpg (nightmare whale)


275809.jpg (sea dragon)


275809.jpg (ember, of the ocean)


275809.jpg (heart of the ocean)


275809.jpg (tides of the sea)


275809t.jpg (sea shower)


275809c.jpg (ship sinker)


275809.jpg (megaocean serpent)


275809n.jpg (wave rider)


275809e.jpg (lured to the depths)


275809m.jpg (great hydra)

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