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Rap vs metal and/or rock


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This is a debate? lol.

There are types of rap I like...just...not this mainstream sheet where the song consists of maybe a total of 12 words, and revolves around giving blowjobs.


Metal...no screamo pl0x.

Rock...is too broad a category.


None of them are better/worse than the others. Its all in taste.

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I love both rap and rock' date=' no matter what people say. People are always saying, oh, rap is only for gangsta's and stuff, but it's an awesome type of music. [b']Metal is good too, but some bands/songs creep me out.[/b] o_O So I'd say rap. :)




I think you are talking about Black Metal and Death Metal and those different Metals that aren't even close to Rock.



Lock lock lock lock.


Thank you for spamming, now there is a door nearby, can you see it? I want you to go through it.


Now, for my opinion.

Don't even compare the two:

Metal and Rap are different tastes.


Metal: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboardist (sometimes)

Rap: Bass (Machine bass if I am not mistaken)


They use different instruments.

This would be more useful if they used more of the same instruments.


Also, depends really on taste <_<

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I can hardly consider this a debate. It's more like a thread filled with biased opinions...but hell, while were at it let me give you mine.


Rap: Peotry with a beat. Usually a man talking about how "gangsta gangsta and hardcore" he is. Not considered acual music due to the general lack of instruments.


Metal: Contains instruments. Much more complex than rap. Generally less "N-Bombs" floating around but still contains it's fair share of cursing. Takes many years of practice to master the instruments they play. More lyrical diversity. There are probably more things I can add but i'll stop at that.


Let me just state that all of my biased facts where soley my opinion. So don't flame me.

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I would just like to point out that not all rap is about "being gansta s*** up with my hoes"...

Just like not all metal is "HAIL SATAN DEATHDEATH BLOOOOOOOD!"



That's why I said "Usually". I may be a devout metalhead but even I know that all rap isn't about complete gangster nonsense. =P

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Despite mine grave doubts about this bein' considered a debate at all, mine two shillings worth:


RAP: At its most transcendent moments, poetry that follows some (usually good) rhythm that talks of racial prejudice, violence, and anything remotely similar in a tiltillating way. At its most debased, random filler masquerading as poetry following a substandard beat talkin' 'bout whores, gangstahs, and car rims, and pullulatin' with expletives for shock effect.


METAL: At its most transcendent moments, a balanced symphony of dramatic, violent lyrics, stupendous guitar riffs, and superb drumming. At its most debased, funked-up gibberish.

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