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The Unholy Armada Cards! (4/??)


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[align=center]I was bored one day and I thought hell might as well make a new set. it took me like 5 mins to come up with Unholy Armada.


First a Tin! Made by me!










This card cannot be destroyed by battle. When this card is sent to the graveyard select 1 monster on the field and , when that monster attacks, it is destroyed and your opponent loses life points equal to Half that monsters attack.







This card cannot be Normal Summoned if there is a LIGHT monster on the field. This card is destroyed if there is not a DARK monster on your side of the field.







This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by Releasing 3 monsters on your side of the field, at least 1 must be an "Unholy Armada" monster. This card loses 500 ATK when battling a LIGHT monster. This card can attack every LIGHT monster on your opponents side of the field. Destroy all LIGHT monsters you control at the End Phase of your turn.By releasing 1 "Unholy Armada" monster on your field this card gains ATK equal to the ATK of the released monster.If you activate this effect you lose LP equal to half the ATK of the released monster.







This monster cannot be destroyed by the effect of a Spell Card. When this card is destroyed Special Summon 2 "Blade Tokens"(Warrior/EARTH/1500ATK/2000DEF) in Defence Position. While this card is in the graveyard and you have 1 "Blade Token" on the field, if you draw "Unholy Armada:Knight of Night" during your Draw Phase, you can tribute that "Blade Token" to Special Summon that monster, ignoring all summoning conditions with an original ATK of 2800.







[spoiler=IMG Credit]

All 4 images are by Wanderley. Knight of Nights is Inverted by me.




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