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[spoiler=Plot]You are an agent of the junior M15, called CHERUB. The first chairman, Charles Henderson, died before he could reveal what CHERUB stood for, and the document concerning it was destroyed. We are an orginization that doesn't officialy exist, and we live on a military firing range, blocked off by law to the public. There is only one road to CHERUB Campus, as we call it. There are top-notch facilities all over campus. All CHERUB Agents are orphans, recruited out of various orphanages around the world. We have a ranking system, one issued with T-shirt colours. Red is for agents too young to enter 100-Day training, Blue is for those entering it, and Grey means your qualified for missions. Navy is for outstanding preformance on one mission, and Black is the last one, one for those who have had outstanding preformances on many missions. This is a group that doesn't exist, so when on missions, you must keep your cover...


[spoiler=App] Birth Name-

New Name-

T-Shirt Colour- Red of Gray ONLY. If you read all the books, PM me for a quiz, and maybe alowance for a Navy/Black t-shirt.

Agent Number-

Age- 6-17


Bio- Include how your family died. If this is good enough, you may be alowed to be a Navy t-shirt.

5 characters per person alowed.


[spoiler=Agents]Kaisu Sanyura(Damion Sandres-13)[NAVY | 637]


Have a great time~ Remember, this has top-notch facilities, if you don't know what we have, PM me.

[spoiler=DISCLAIMER]In no way do I own CHERUB or claim copyright. CHERUB is a series by Robert Muchamore. Do I need this on?


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