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Member Card Contest!!! Join Now!!!

Chiengu Ruu

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Did someone made you a member card lately? If not... to bad you can't enter.:lol: Just kidding, if you do not had a Member Card than go to the Member Card Thread and ask for one or ask someone to make one.



In this contest you will post your Member Card that someone in YCM made for you. I will not take Member Card that you made for yourself. Well good luck, you will need it.:roll:



~Rules are simple!

1. Post your Member Card and Credit the maker. (I want his/her full User Name, so I can check if you didn't make it yourself.)

2. 1 Card Only

3. No Normal Card... because they don't had OCG.

4. No spamming. No [email protected]#$ing at other people cards or you will be taken out of the contest.[/align]


[align=center]End Date:

July 25, 2009[/align]



OCG - 50%

Picture, yes the picture too. - 50%

Edit: Holo card will not receive any bonus points.[/align]



First - 4+ Rep

Second - 2+ Rep

Third - 1+ Rep[/align]




Here are some example of my Member Card. They are not the best, but I like'em because it base on ME!

[spoiler=Opalmoon's Card]membercardloool265e7.jpg


[spoiler=Sucka369's Card]2uj0b4l.jpg



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