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Yin Yang set (1st >.<) k01-y4n9 =P


Rate meh cardz!  

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this is my first set :shock:... umm... its actually not finished but i want to see what you guys think...

[spoiler=took me a while to figure out how to do spoilers...] 337643z.jpg337643.jpg337643c.jpg337643.jpg337643u.jpg337643v.jpg337643.jpg337643o.jpg


enjoy and please rate... if you rate low tell me why pliz!

the links to my 2 spell cards and my other card arent working... the spells came up as my yin yang card and the monster was the trap... oh well probly a screw up on my part...

One last thing... wth is OCG??

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Cards should have effects but it isn't necessary. Bad OCG' date=' and some pictures need work. Work on regular grammar, too. I like the dragon pictures. Cards need improvement.




I gave you your first rating. :D



ty for the rating! the dragon pics were actually one pic and i just split it in two! which cards need grammatical work and wtf is OCG?!

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what is OCG? Typical n00b move...


Original Card Grammar, commonly abbreviated as "OCG", is the original card wording and text written on YGO cards in the TCG. However, OCG is important on the forums, because people who go to this section expect well made cards, not junk without proper wording.


Here is an example of bad OCG:


"Wen you sumin tis car, kill all munsters you Opponent has. ololololololololol."


Your OCG is pretty bad, try and fix that. Pics are... not good. Yin is just Yang's pic reversed.


Overall, you got a 4.5/10.

Your nubness saved you.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanx all for the feedback! I'll try to fix them all... and the pics aren't actually mine because i stink at drawing... so i couldn't find very good pics for this... and the yin and yang cards being reversed i did on purpose because i couldn't separate the two fish... and it would look stupid if i tried... so...... yeah... well if you could point out a few specific errors (i only found about 2)

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