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Big Mac

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I was looking at random articles on lolwiki, tryin to come up with deck ideas and this card came up. Thought it would be fun to make a deck based on it. Still not entirely sure I know what im doin, so all advice is welcome


Total: 40


Monsters: 23

Satellite Cannon x3

Honest x2

Shining Angel x3

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Phoenix x3

Jinzo x2

UFO Turtle x3

Heavy Mech Support Platform x3


Chaos end master x2


Spells: 10

Giant Trunade





Machine Duplication x3

Limiter Removal x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1


Traps: 7

Threatining x3

Beckoning Light x2

Mirror Force



Extra Deck: 15


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If you had read the Ban List, you would've seen that Swords of Revealing Light and Limiter Removal are both limited so....


- 1 Swords

- 1 Limiter Removal


+1 Overload Fusion (for Chimeratech Overdragon if you need/want to)

+1 Chaos-End Master (search Satellite Cannon)


BTW, said Ban List is under Important Threads in this section.

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neg Overload for another C-E Master.


Its practically pointless without Future Fusion' date=' unless you like waiting.



Good point. I suppose with Cydra at one, it is useless. I might as well add an extra deck as well, seeing that C-E master is a tuner

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