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Mah Stuffsssssss

The Slime Lord

Mah Stuffsssss?  

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  1. 1. Mah Stuffsssss?

    • Under my bed
    • On my desk, right in front of me
    • On my bed, in plain sight
    • Sucks for you

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Okay, YCM. I need some help. Right now, I can't find my headphones and my remote. I don't really feel like getting up to look for either right now. So yeah, choose where you think my stuff might be, then whenever I feel like it, I'll get off my ass and look there.


Oh yeah. Pic related. It's me.


Oh yeah. Poll added. I fail.

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We have a winner (somewhat)! Static wins for helping me locate my headphones. They were somewhat behind my computer, covered by a few papers. Actually, I found them before I even came back to check on this thread, but whatever. (Holy s****, I did. Haven't seen you in a while. We should chill on Facebook or something like that. Though you're never on when I am :P)


Anyway, now I need to find my remote. I actually have look all around the room for this, nearly turning it upside down, and quite frankly I'm stumped. I can't believe I had to actually *gasp* get up, and walk over to the TV to turn it off. :O

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Found the remote!!1!!! It turns out it was tucked in a drawer that also contained various PS2 controllers and chargers and whatnot. I have no idea how it got there. I'm going to assume someone thought it would be cool to clean my room, and "organize" my stuff by putting it all in the same drawer. Ugh. :/

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