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My Synchro Force Cards


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Hello...well I'm starting a new booster pack sorta thing called "Synchro Force" and so far I only have three cards, but hopefully you think they're good. Here they are. Plz comment, but read my sig before you do decide to leave a comment. Thank ya.


btw, I realize some of the imgs aren't the best...and if you can't read the text then let me know and I'll type them down.







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i like gear warrior and gear synchron :D

there are a few minor OCG errors, or maybe the wording is just a bit confusing, either way, it sounds really accurate lol.

i agree you should raise the atk or eff of gear synchron, but for a two star, its pretty good, so its up to you.

these cards are really balanced, so thats a big plus.

all the pics have ok backgrounds, but they could definitely use a tune up.

all in all they are really good, especially for a 2 star member. just needs a quick clean up in some of the OCG and a quick clean up for the backgroudns of the pics.

8/10, really great for a 2 star, ill be checking in on your future threads!

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