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(!Death!Reborn!)'s Poke Splices!(Free Requests!)


Are The Splcies Good or Bad?  

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  1. 1. Are The Splcies Good or Bad?

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dude, you need work. (nota bad comment, comment on how to improve)

your best one, i'm going to give it to the garitina one, it looks the best.


here's what i think of the others.

the first one, with the flower, the coloring is good, but what exactly were you trying to do? make one with three legs and only three legs? in my experiece, witha base like that, it cannot be done without looking dumb, i give it 5/10.


teh second one, with the ledyba mix, it was good for ht emost part, a few problem with coloring and plcing on teh head, gloves are a tad bit miss colored as well, as for the rest of it, it's good. i would have added more though, that looks like minimal promting out of splicing skills, you could have done better. 7/10


the third one, monkey and balloons, what the hell? that's it, what the hell. it dosn't look natural, the tailed hands should have either mixed with the baloons or gone behind them to look like they were they instead of the hands. your recoloring was fine, as for the baloons themselves, well, i would have gone without the yellow things on it's sides, would have gone without them completely, not had them there at all. also, i wouldn't have made them facing the same way, the clouds on the head should have been the oposite direction. i also would have gone with a completely different color for the whole thing.



the next one, with the piglet guy, ears don't look natural, should have been placed better, the left one just looks like it was placed there. also, i can see under that ear the original one, you never want an original of something to show if you replace it. the plate on it's chest, whould not have been there in te first place, dose not belong. feet look okay, could have done better.



bagon splice, looks good for the msot part, one little note, the fin on it's head, needs to look more natual, if you had erased the line on teh middle lump on bagons head, did the same with the bottom of hte fin, then put it on, would have looked 180% better.



hte blasken charizard splice, you were not ready for a splice of such magnitude. the left wing faceing us, there are white spots in it, not just all over, random white spots that were not filled in. the fire on the head should have been placed a bit further up on the head and the fire should have gone behidn the wing. the hadns, close but no.

all in all, 7/10


feraligator splice, not too much wrong with it, the one wing is too far down, making the other look small and ridculus, it also interfears with the legs outline, as well as a bit of the stomach.



little monkey, same as big monkey.


the darkrai/ cloral splices, the first one's ring in the back is mis placed, looks like some one just randomly put it up a few inches than what the rest says, the face can't really see the eyes, the smaller rings wraping around it are just a little bit miss placed as well, 7/10

the second darkrai splice, again, the skirt effect makes it look like some one just jutted it on to deyoxes' crotch and left it there to hang, other then that, plces where it should be whie with the background, it is black, that needs to be filled in, because it looks bad with the rest of it. 8/10

the cloral splice, the left hand looks like it disappears at one point, and if you're not going to give him a tail, get rid of the lump in the crotch that lead sup to it, it just looks dumb if there's no tail.


beedril splice, arm should have gone in front of the wing, the body dosn't quite match with the rest, lingin i mean, other than that, well done.



the cat splice, the arm looks like it just disappears, just randomly disappears, both of them. hte colors don't match well together. and whar ever you put on it's back just looks out of place.



hte next one, looks good, just a recolor, no major mistakes if any. 9/10


the rayqualza/ charizard splice, no, no no no no no no no, no. no good. the wing should have gone behind the neck, the arm y ou tryed to give him has hardly any out lining at all, and it looks too large compared to the other arm, change them both or keep them the same, the rest is fine.



budew splice, out linings a little wrong in places, and again witht he black plces where there should be white, change it.



heracross splice, decent, upper body should have been moved over a bit to the left.



teh next one, mainly outlining again, the left arm could have beena bit longer, and i think that they should ahve been a different color as well. the legs... i don't know, they just don't seem to match...



teh one after garitina, coloring off, arms not matching color of body at base, thing on it's head look out of place as well.



last one, legs/ears too small, walrice face look like it trying to take dump, that or it just disapointed, turn frown upside down.



these are my reviews on these splices, i assume they were your first ones, so i cut you slack, but still, couold have been done so much better man, so, so much better. you need work, and with enough time, polishing up, and inspiration/ motivation/ help, you can go far. these are my reviews on your first splices, i assume, i hope you don't find them too critical...

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