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tonystuan vs Yugioh Dude


Which card is better..same pic  

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  1. 1. Which card is better..same pic

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Yugioh Dude asked me for a battle.so here it is


winenr gets 3 rep from loser.


i wait here till yugioh dude comes up. first to 5 wins. yugioh dude gives me a theme.


here is my card:





During each of your Standby Phase,you can put 1 Ice Cyclone Counter on 1 face-up monster on the field.A monster with 1 or more Ice Cyclone Counter cannot declare an attack.If a monster has 2 or more Ice Cyclone Counter,destroy it immediately.Increase this cards ATK by 300 for each Ice Cyclone Counter on the field.If there are 5 or more Ice Cyclone Counter on the field,this card can atack your opponents life points directly (during the Damage Step this cards ATK becomes 2000) and this card is unaffected by Spell Cards.


Yugioh Dudes one:



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Yugioh Dudes card is cooler. Its effect is a lot more balanced. I vote for Yugioh Dude.



I would say,...this vote does not count.


1 : Your effect a lot balanced? Hasan..are you able to read?


2. He is your cousin -.-'


3.First Post


4.His rep is cheated per cousin


5. I think Yugioh Dude makes him a account or he convinces his cousin to create an account to vote... for him...

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