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Battle Colluseum Club

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Welcome to the Battle Colluseum. now i know what your thinkin "where are all the spartans at?" well seriously whats the point of this[spoiler=point of this]To bring fierce competitions to the forum for a little entertainment, thats why


[spoiler=rules] 1. follow all ycm rules

2. respect the winner or loser of a competion no matter what

3. spam shall not be tolerated [it could lead to your banning cerimony]

4. you may choose 2 fields to play [ie: YVD and Gladiators brawl]

5. if theres ever a problem feel free to come to me with it

6. have fun


[spoiler=rules for gladiator brawl]

1. youve got main elements in your attacks

a. Nature [weather/land effects]

b. upgrade [power up yourself]

c. supernatural [invisibility/summoning]

2. each gladiator must include a nature move in their arsenal

3. one attack per turn [so make it count]

4.a summoning is a beast that you create by telling me the type it is [bird, animal, fish, a clone] and counts as an attack [summonings take the hit for you for 3 turns]

5. an upgrade is the part of the battle 3 turns into it, you gain 200 health [only once per battle]

6. a slash is a move only used when you are low in health and finaly struck down [only when your health is lower than 10]

7. to win simply strike down your opponent [take their health to 0 before you are struck down]

Note: in order for a battle to take place pm me and the opponent and ill decide whom goes first based on wins and loses [if tie ill flip a coin. I AM NOT BIASED


[spoiler=form for created gladiator]

Moves: [the attacks]

Health: [no more than 6000]

summoning: [the beast you summon]


[spoiler=moves and beast to summon]


Wind slash [deals 3000 health damage]

Tree Groth [summons a tree dealing 500 damage to you opponent a turn]

Nature fury [used when down to 20 health or less instantly strikes down your opponent]

Flame wind storm [deals 550 damage during the attack deals 652 damage once a turn]

summoning destruction [destroys summoning your opponent brought out deals 515 damage]

oceans wave [ocean apears for 3 turns opponent cannot attack for 1 turn]


[spoiler=summoned beasts] phoenix



saber tooth cat







mutaded three legged grizzly with razor sharp claws [lasts 5 more turns than normal]


[spoiler=form to join]to join simply do this

1. choose the fields of battle [your competitions]

2. [optional] create your gladiator [gladiator brawl only]

3. [optional] show me a deck [yvd only]

4. [optional] show me a custom card [contests only]

5. [optional] show me a gfx on either a card, or a image [GFX competitions only] [if an image, also show me the original picture]





Gladiator brawls

card making contest

GFX contests



Leader:insert name here


co leader: no one



players: none



1. Me


[spoiler=Gladiator Brawls]



[spoiler=Card making contest]



[spoiler=GFX contest]



Please join and have fun [i probably messed up with the spoilers so if i messed up somewhere pm me]

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