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The Battleon Game Company/Creators.

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The Battleon Game Company/Creator is a company that makes online games with pretty well made graphics. So far they have made four games, three of which being regular online. games and one being MMO's. Adventure Quest, Dragon Fable, and Mech Quest are the regular online games; by which I mean their not MMO's. They are very well done and very free to play, as are all their games. However, for a one time only fee on these three games you can unlock advancements FOREVER.


Now onto the MMO known as Adventure Quest Worlds. This is an online game in which you can communicate with hundreds of other people and play with those other people as. This game grows and is updated literally every week, Fridays to be exact. It has many aspects of MMO's and is free to play but like their other three games you can buy a membership for peanuts. However, this is a recurring theme rather then a one time only but like I said It's for peanuts.


Because I can't post links I can't take you their from here but search battleon in google and you'll find them, check it out and don't be afraid to play for free for a bit.


I play all of them but am only into Adventure Quest Worlds right now. My name is Schiver and I have room on my friends list so come on down and play with me =3

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