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My First Deck "INSECT HAGA"


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Hi this is my first posted deck Rate it Plz



__Monsters__ (29)


DoomDozer (X2)

Insect Knight (X2)

Metal Armored Bug

A cat of ill Omen

Arsenal Bug (X2)

Chainsaw Insect (X2)

Flying Kamakiri 1 (X2)


Howling Insect

Insect Princess

Insect Queen

Jirai Gumo

Man-eater Bug

Millennium Scorpion (X2)

Pinch hoper (X3)

Saber Beetle


Swarm of Scarabs

Ultimate Insect LV3

Ultimate Insect LV5

Ultimate Insect LV7


___Spells_____ ( 8 )


Monster reborn

Gold Sarcophagus

Heavy Storm

Insect Barrier (X2)

Insect Imitation

Lightning Vortex

Mystical Space Typhoon


___Traps_____ (11)


Bottomless Trap Hole

Call of the Haunted

DNA Surgery (X2)

Dust tornado

Judgment of Anubis

Mirror Force

Ring of destruction

Sakuretsu Armor (X2)

Torrential tribute



Total 48

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It's just insect cards thrown togehter. Multiply the spells and traps. Try this if you REALLY want insects:


[spoiler= Ze deck]

Monsters [21]

Insect Princess x3

Millenium Scorpion x2

Insect Queen x1


Insect Knight x3

Chainsaw Insect x3

Howling Insect x3

Swarm of Scarabs x3

Sangan x1

Man-Eater Bug x2


Spells [11]

Insect Barrier x3

Insect Imitation x3

Multiplication of Ants x3

Different Dimension Capsule x2


Traps [8]

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

DNA Surgery x3

Dust Tornado x2




Not the best build, but it should keep you going. But seriously, build something else. Insect decks suk.

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