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wc 09 endymion library exodia (no cheating)

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now, before you say this deck is crap, I have to say I KNOW.


it's just what I could scrounge up out of the cards I have available. it does work pretty good though.


monsters: 12

exodia set




endymion X 1


spells: 28

7 X 3

citadel X 3

Magical mallet X 3

reload X 3

spell power grasp X 3

toon table X 3

trade in X 3

toon world X 1

terraforming X 2

upstart goblin X 3

giant trunade X 1



it may not look like it, but it works pretty well. but I want it better.


my first thoughts are to get the D-draw and allure in here, but I don't have them in the game yet, (need to figure out which people I haven't beat 5+ times yet.) but I will still allow them in, since that is what I am shooting for.

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