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Artemis Fowl- the best books EVER


Do you like Artemis Fowl?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Artemis Fowl?

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Very, very, very, very far from the best books ever.


The best book ever would probably have to go to either The Catcher in the Rye, or to Twisted.


Those books literally put me in a bad mood when they ended because I enjoyed reading them so much.



EDIT: Don't take that the wrong way. I did enjoy reading the books.

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I've read the books, all the way through... Only liked a few of them, but never picked them back up again. No, they were not the best books, they were good. If you say they are the best books, then you clearly haven't been reading very many books then.



Try Steven King, Phillup Pullman, Tom Clancy, or Diane Duane.

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I read them all. They are OK, but my favourite is the third or second.



Well' date=' Mr. Fowl, I must say that I've read all the series but find the first and last books lacking in what I love about the series.



True dat^^


I did like the fourth, though.

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