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Enko's Weekly Challenge 1 [FINISHED, LOCK. PM me for full reviews!]


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The challenge of this week is now over. I'm sorry to disqualify YugiohPro, but he didn't post his card.


This week's challenge was...



And the prizes were:

3 reps to 1st place

2 reps to 2nd place

1 rep to 3rd place


And the rankings, starting from the last to first:

5- Yu-Gi-Oh Dude - 38/50

4- Skippy Canoe - 40/50

3- The Worm 55 - 46/50

2- rodri666 (again) - 47/50

1- DeMeNTeD (again...) - 48/50


I'll send the prizes in 3 days or less. After 3 days, if you haven't got your prizes yet, PM me.


If you want your full review, PM me, asking for it.


The next challenge shall come sometime this weekend. Be ready for it.

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I paid the entry fee. Do I pm the card to you or post it here?

Nevermind. Here's my entry. :)


[spoiler=Murderous Mistress]326372mcr.jpg[spoiler=Effect]When this monster is to be destroyed or removed from the field in any way by the effect of a Monster, Spell or Trap card, pay 600 Life Points to negate this effect. If this card is destroyed by battle, it is returned to your hand during the 3rd Standby Phase after it is destroyed. Every turn, during your Main Phase, you can either equip this card to a face-up or face-down monster on the field or unequip this card from a monster on the field, destroying the monster. Pay 100 Life Points for every turn this card is equipped to a monster. For every Standby Phase this card is equipped to a monster, increase this card's ATK by 400 and decrease it's DEF by 400, and decrease the monster's ATK by 400 and increase the monster's DEF by 400. The ATK and DEF this monster gains is permanent. When the monster this card is equipped to attacks, inflict damage equal to the monster's DEF to your opponent. When this monster destroys another monster by battle, increase your Life Points by 800 without decreasing your opponent's Life Points through damage calculation.





It didn't take me long to make. I don't know if I'll win. :|

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you can do it with infinite cards and activate drawing cards (jar of greed' date=' pot of greed, pot of averice etc.)



I do this regularly with my Exodia deck. Draw almost my entire deck in one turn, infinite cards would be needed.

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If you Summoned this card by a card effect, this card gains 500 ATK and DEF until the End Phase. Once per turn, during your End Phase, you can place 1 Kaio Ken Counter on this card (max. 4). This card gains 100 ATK and DEF for each Kaio Ken Counter on it. If a monster you control (except this card) is selected as an attack target, you can remove 1 Kaio Ken Counter from this card. If you do, the attacking monster must attack this card instead. During your Main Phase 1, if this card has 4 Kaio Ken Counters on it, you can remove all Kaio Ken Counters from this card to place 1 Power Surge Counter on it (max. 5). Destroy 1 card on the field each time a Power Surge Counter is placed on this card. If this card has 5 Power Surge Counters on it, you win the Duel.

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