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Sea of Stars

Tsuki ni Mau Majin

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Throughout the millennium, the universe as we know it has been compromised with war. The year is 3307, and each opposing force has it's own mindset and plans for their universal reign.


There is one empire now, that stands out, ruled by an insane monarch and deity, whose split personality has proved it's dominance by conquering many, many worlds. Little does he know, that inside his own empire, each governor controlling his planetary belt is either corrupted, or on the verge of destruction by another enemy.


Unaware of his empire's inevitable crumble this monarch's priorities are... controversial at best. Wishing to pursue his crazed fantasies, he and his right hand man indulge themselves into a strange and crazed world of sought after action and adventure.



[spoiler=Character Sheet I]Character's First and Last Name: His Majesty The Honourable Lord Demirius Davok II


Any Known Alias: Demyx (his alter-ego), The Emperor, Count Kthulhu, King Folstag, The Black Prince, Dem Derkor, The Faceless One


Character's Image: As of most Karadon males, Davok has dark purple skin along large, bulging muscles and fibers. His eyes are small and beady with a boggy green to it. A deep rooted ridge runs from the top of his slitted nose to the top of his head like a shark fin. His right eye, though, bulges in a large globe in a constant twitch, his dark colourless pupils forever darting to and fro. Across his body are dozens of tattoos and emblems of tribes and civilizations long forgotten. Covering his body is a large black suit of body armor, with a coinciding helmet dotted with spike like formations covering everything but his right eye. The rest of his body is covered in black and seemingly heavy body armor.


Character's History: Demirius Davok was born out of wedlock to one of the ruthless warlords of his homeworld and a human maid (whose consent in the affair is highly questionable). The warlord was the brutal warlord of the Karadon Empire, a vast and brutal civilization spanning several star systems. For the Karadons rule as tyrants, subjecting all who resist them to their wrath.


Rejected by his father, young Demirius was taken care of by his human mother. A lovable, adorable boy, the young hybrid was well liked in the surrounding neighborhood around. At the tender age of ten, Demirius and his mother was summoned back to the court of Lord Davok the First. Demirius’ father was wishing for a test of skill from one of his favourite sons, Carcasos.


The sons of Demirius’ father all had many talents. But none of them could have expected what happened next.


In one fell swoop Carcasos lay dead, and the warlord soon knew Demirius’ potential. He planned to transform his son into a killing machine.


Nobody really knows much about Demirius’ power or it’s origins. Some theorize that the boy is able to bend reality to his whims, others say that he is simply extremely talented at wielding all arrays of weapons… nobody truly knows. But no one could expect what he could really do.

For Demirius himself never changed. He grew stronger, faster, quicker, but he remained as innocent and happy as he was the day he was conceived. He seemed to constantly fail to grasp the hard truth of the dark and cold reality of the galaxy.


And his father was sick of it. At the end of his long and extensive training, Warlord Davok gave him one objective: kill his mother. He was lead on by a trail of lies, deception, and all manner of ways that we will not speak of. For, Demirius killed his mother, and then it all broke down.


A part of him, realizing this, hardened and matured into a thick skull of hate and plotting, while another part of him still stubbornly refused to transform into that. All the hate, grief, anger, happiness, joy all exploded into his mind like a chemical experiment gone wrong. One half remained innocent and immature, while the other half remained cruel and practical. His skills and “powers” also increased drastically, and Demirius slew his father that day.


Demirius Davok assumed the throne, and it was if the Karadon Empire had never existed, yet was replaced by something else. The tyranny and hardship suddenly lifted, and Davok and his new empire, Arcadia, declared war on the galaxy.



[spoiler=Character Sheet II]Character's First and Last Name: Orion Jal'von (pronounced Halvon)


Any Known Alias: PitchBlack


Character's Image: Orion is approximately six feet and three inches tall. He is of human descent, so he appears as a Caucasian male. He has no hair, but instead the emblem of Lord Davok's empire marked in poisonous black on the back of his skull. He wears solid black robes, which are also marked with the empire's emblem, but only on their insides in white. Black leggings accompany his robes, leading to his dragon hide boots, which have spiked bottoms.


On his back, a large silver sheath protects his lengthy blade, the Mamut. It's teeth are three inches long and it's actual body eight feet. It is created of the strongest metals in the universe, able to cut through galactic ships in one fell swoop. It has a solid black diamond hilt with a sharp eye in it's center.


Character's History: Orion was born of a human mother and outside father. At the age of 3, he had already had many months of training in the art of swordsmanship, but what was unknown to his family, was the dark powers bestowed upon him by the great witch, Nerfelia.


Lightning. It would forever be apart of him, and to this day, he controls and masters it greatly as he fights by his master's side for greater strength, and dominance.


At age 17, he abandoned his family to join the armed forces of his home planet. Little did he know, that very day, the armed forces would be watched by the greatest empire of all. Among all of these great soldiers, he caught eye with master Davok.




Prepare to experience what will soon become YCM's greatest role-play.

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Of course Master Davok. ^_^


The cold moon shone down upon the now frivolous planet of Earth. Of all places, the culprit was hiding on the barren waste lands of this place; a giant metallic bunker, scraped together by the remaining fragments of steel around the planet was his hiding place. Orion would enter the tattered hide-out, and drag the culprit back to his master; dead, but preferably alive.


A white wind blew open the doors ominously, and inside, the culprit mumbled to himself about his victory.


"I-I-I actually escaped. Heeheeehee. Th-th-those fools would never th-th-think to find me on this God forsaken planet," he continued rambling. Only two thousand years ago was Earth plagued indefinitely; now it was nothing but a galactic disposal facility.


Orion approached quietly in the dead of the night. The only glow inside the metallic bunker was that of a fire. He need not draw his sword, for this imbecile was not worthy of a death by his blade. Appearing behind the unnamed culprit, he gripped the back of the man's collar tightly, and raised him to his feet.


"You have valuable information and stock for my master. You will be coming with me," he said calmly. The culprit screeched loudly into the night, echoing his frightened voice throughout the large bunker. Before he realized who Orion was, they were being whisked through space.


Two standing metal beings bowed as Orion approached with the culprit in his hand. He was a ratty young man; appearing in his early 30's; human race. His muffled hair and worn out clothing was a sign of his poverty, and the reason he had stolen such precious items.


Orion approached the guards with the culprit and the stolen item in hand. They moved aside quickly, and opened the unseen gates behind them. They're metal hinges creaked, as electricity cackled and brought the gigantic sixty foot doors into view.


Calmly Orion approached Master Davok's throne. He dropped the culprit at his master's feet, and placed the oddly, triangular shaped object in his master's hands.


Turning now to the culprit, he spoke, "How a ruffian such as yourself would manage to steal this key amazes me. You will tell everything you know to Master Davok, if you so wish to keep your life."


Fading now into the darkness, Orion disappeared beside Davok.

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The bulging, yellow eye enlarged itself as it stared at the quivering miscreant before him. His colourless gaze scanned up him and then down, eventually meeting the triangular device before him. His claw-like hands caressed the metal carefully, putting it over his eye as he scanned it.


The key was transparent, like glass, though it was made of a much stronger material than it would seem. Along the sides of the strange device was a bright blue neon border. The eye fixated on it for a while, turning over the device slowly but steadily, while Davok mumbled to himself unintelligibly. The right eye twitched as he murmured, and suddenly it fixated into a glare that made the unfortunate prisoner develop a wet patch in his poor clothes. Then it suddenly relaxed into a resigned oval, and then looking down at the prisoner as if this was the first time he'd seen him.


"Tell me... no, US." The emperor stuttered, suddenly annoyed with something. "FINE. Tell us how you happened to come by this shiiiiiiny object... it isn't shiny, no..." Davok babbled some more for a minute, then sighed and resumed.


"Tell us how you came to retrieve and take this object. Give a full account or Guard Captain Nxrt pokes you with the shiny stick." Suddenly the Lord's eyes lit up. "Guard Captain Nxrt likes poking people with shiny stick!"

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He could not help but stutter in fear. "W-w-well, ya see, I-I-I was travelin' with some friends of mine--those bastards--back on planet Yudomei." His eyes moved over to the guard and his 'shiny stick'. Remembering why he was there, he resumed.


"Some weird old guy ran up to our ship, rambling about the 'empire'. So, I didn't know what he as talkin' about. I tackled the bum, and he dropped a funky looking piece of parchment. It was a map," he said with his eyes gleaming. "He still wouldn't shut up! S-s-so I began talking back to him. Something about the key, an arc, and a place to the heavens.


And I heard we've been tryin' to get to the heavens for centuries, but this made me feel indifferent. So, I killed my friends, grabbed the old man, and made my way to a great palace on the map."


He continued on to explain how he used the old man to decode the map, and sneak inside he palace and obtain the key.


"I also kinda heard some stuff about you mister. You're Davok ain't ya? The gov'na there was awful quiet, see? He's trying to keep Yudomei to himself. He has a big plan, see?


A big. . . BOOM."


The man began rolling over left and right madly, laughing loudly into the night.

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The right eye of Lord Davok narrowed down into a slit as he stared at the prisoner curiously as he rolled left and right. His pupils followed the man's incessant rolling until finally he let out a drawn out sigh as the right eye bulged open again.


"Laughing man is silly. But this is serious business!" He puffed out his chest in childish assertion, but then drew out again as a sarcastic scowl that surveyed the man. He called to the two guards standing at the door. "Take him into the laboratory and attempt to extract any such memories he has of the event. Also discover his name, social security number, previous residence... everything." Then his eyes lit up yet again in that childish glow.


"And bring me back a cookie when your done!"


The armor of the Emperor screeched as Davok rose from his throne. He stepped down the steps that lead to it with a muffled thud. Suddenly, his clawed hands rose up to his mouth and he ripped apart the armor plating covering his mouth. It revealed an insane grin, and his right eye was lit up.


"Hmmm... big plans, eh? Obviously he's planning a surprise party. But we all know what happens when people surprise me. I better inform the good Governor of that." turning to the shadows where Orion had placed himself, Davok boomed:


"Orion, fire up the Erebus! We're going to Yudomei... wherever that is."

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Orion spoke quietly back. "Yes sire. Yudomei is not too far from here. It is in fact only three hundred million miles. Erebus will get us there in a matter of minutes."


Grimacing, he turned to the back of his Lord's throne, and waved a dark hand in the air.


The giant wall before him, seemingly normal, now dropped into the ground below, revealing the gigantic star ship that was Erebus. Inside, Orion was preparing it for take off.


The guards dragged the writhing man off from Lord Davok's presence; he screeched and wailed madly as he was taken away.


Moments later, they arrived at a cold and buzzing laboratory, filled with trinkets, gadgets, thing-a-ma-bobs, gizmos, and computers with buzzing lights and sounds. All fo this would drain the crazed man's brain.


The guards turned to each other, nodding, and tossing the man onto a giant metallic table, strapping him down in place. He continued to wail and gnash his teeth as the clamps burned his skin. "What is this?!" he cried.


The guards looked at each other and laughed. "It's leather, weirdo. Now, be silent as we extract your thoughts."


Above him now, a giant drill spun at extreme speeds, and began lowering itself to his skull. "Noooo! Please, no!" he cried still.


A large monitor appeared in front of the guards as the drill bore flatly into the man's brain.


"Your precious Lord Davok disgusts me. He does nothing; not to contribute to this planet, not to this government, but he still receives praise for his glorious empire.


Do you know who brought this planet to stability? I did. Do you understand who risked their lives and their soldiers lives on this planet over run by Ficans? I did. I did all the work, while he sits back on his throne doing nothing!


This planet is mine to control, and so is this empire! I want Davok's head."


The monitor vanished, and the drill removed itself, rising back into the ceiling. The two guards faced each other in absolute shock. "That was the Governor of Yudomei. We have to warn Lord Davok."


The Erebus was ready. "Master. You don't think those Fican beasts are still running Yudomei do you? Nasty creatures they are; 10 inch fangs, giant wings, and disgusting acid. I'd like one for a pet," he remarked chuckling.


"The ship is ready sire." The engines roared loudly, as the guards approached.


"Lord Davok! Lord Davok, please wait!"

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The HMS Erebus loomed above the Emperor like a pitch black shell. It was oval shape and long, with titanium-steel plating covering the ship, with glowing white portholes sparking out at the sides. The slender spacecraft slanted down at the end into a large steel glass cockpit. The cockpit held the greatest state-of-the-art directional equipment imaginable. With holographic navigation charts, instant measuration of distance and a Mark XI Universal Compass, getting lost within the far out reaches of space was nigh-impossible. The two wings that shot out from the sides of the spaceship, bended at what architects consider versatile perfection in new indestructible and light neoiron. Attached to the wings were several rechargeable thermonuclear heat seeking missiles with improved fuel and mobility. Dotted along the sides were a dozen automatic phasor chainguns, excellent at picking out even the most dextrous starfighter. In the back of the ship were several Mark XVIII Accelerators and three Atomic Turbo Engines. With this, the Erebus would be able to travel to light speed with ease.


Looking up at the wonderful ship, Davok turned to the guards rushing toward him.


"The Sea waits for no man!" the Emperor roared out triumphantly, leaping onto the entrance platform with a thud. "Avast, ye scurvy dogs, cast off! Let us explore... THE FINAL FRONTIER!" his eyes peered into the sky dramatically, and the entrance platform was raised and the Erebus shot off into the night sky.

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Approaching top speed in a matter of seconds, it was smooth sailing from here.


Orion piloted the vast beauty, as they came in contact with Yudomei's atmosphere. The skies were as dark as ever; surprisingly enough, this was the only planet in the universe to not receive rain except every 400 years. Even more surprising, was the fact that it's botanic life only died when it did rain.


This was planet wasn't nicknamed the jungle for an insignificant reason, after all.


The ship docked at a local space harbor, despite it being the only space harbor on the planet. Lowering the doors, Orion stepped off first to ensure his master's safety; luckily it was a wise move. As he poked his head outside, a numerous army in the hundreds wielded their Carbonox blades and shields proudly, approaching slowly.


He dare not resist, but instead allowed the foolish renegades to believe they had outnumbered himself and Lord Davok.


As they were 'escorted' to the Governor's private quarters, Orion kept a close eye on the surroundings. At this point, he now knew every escape route--from air vents to under ground piping--on this planet, simply by surveying the area.


"Master Davok," the Governor said calmly as he turned in his frilly chair to face the two. "I believe you have something for me? Perhaps a promotion or even the location of the key?"


Orion stared annoyingly into the Governor's face. "And Governor, how would you know Master Davok received the key after only a brief amount of time?" he scoffed.


The Governor curled his pig-like lips in a snotty fashion. "I have my ways, you swine. Be silent while the big boys talk." Orion merely scoffed again, ignoring his snotty remark.


The Governor turned once more, to Davok. "Well, sire?"

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OoC: Necrobump, with Tsuki's agreement. If mods have any problem with it, please let us know.




The pale glint of Carbonox steel sprayed rudely into the Emperor's eye as he removed himself from the landing platform of the Erebus. Instantly the eye shot itself into a jagged, oval shape and focused intently on the enormous ugly mass before him. His knife-like pupil gazed at the soldiers, their Carbonox blades humming with pent up electricity, grasped by rusty, bronze colored gloves. Their teeth were bared, their energy breastplates strapped strongly to their torsos. On it bore a snake and a Fican vilebeeste, intertwined on a bloody sword. The emblem of Yudomei. The Emperor rose his eyebrows quizzically, and sharply stepped down from the platform.


This must be the surprise. Davok thought gleefully. Mr. Governor-of-Yudomei person must be so thoughtful!


He let out an insane grin, which suddenly descended into a frown as he observed the faces of the militant crowd. There were the elongated exaggeratedly cranial heads of furons, the sharp and ocean blue gaze and spiked ears of geohumans, the large, bulging rhinoceros like heads of karadons, the dull pale squishy flesh of humans, and the olive color skins and claw-like fingers of the local mei. He frowned again in grim disappointment. He had fought all of these types of warriors before!


The Governor could have at least gotten the courtesy of getting some new, fresh flesh to cleave! Like those Fican things Orion was talking about. Oh well, it seems he'll just have to grin and bear it. He certainly wouldn't want to make the good Governor upset after all the trouble he put into making this surprise party!


Thus the Emperor put on a sudden dazed expression of childish surprise, grinning all the way. He then gazed upwards into the sky, where there were clouded dozens of Mk.XIII Landbusters, their orbous shells hovering over the Erebus, their biobombs and lasmines at the ready. Oh, well, at least it would be great for nostalgia!


A bold human, a sergeant, mistook the Emperor's expression for that of fear, and grinning, butted his Carbonox blade against Davok's armor with a quaint "G'dda move 'un!" Still retaining his "surprised" expression, Davok flicked his hand lazily at the sergeant, and to the amazement of other soldiers around, moved right through him. The sergeant suddenly froze, to which the other soldiers regarded oddly. Five minutes later, the sergeant exploded in a wave of blood and arteries.


Davok continued walking across the walkway in this manner, until finally reaching the cold, dark purple gates of the Governor's palace.


His armor thumped against the carpeted floor as he observed the Governor's announcement. He particularly observed the Governor's rudeness at his right hand man. That wasn't very nice, and that Key to the heavens wasn't even his.


Staring into the Governor's eyes, suddenly they hardened into that of steel and a calm realization appeared to him. His voice cracked out like a whip, his dark voice booming into the entire room.


"Promotion? To what? Lieutenant-Governor? Governor-General? Hmmm... I put a little more creativity into the ranking system..." And he suddenly babbled, his eye suddenly relaxed into a more lima bean shape, until sharpening again and staring back at the Governor. "The location of the key, eh? Fine, I'll tell you..." he suddenly leaned close and whispered into the Gov's ear. "it's under the Big W!" And he leaped back and giggled in glee of his wit. Then he hardened again and glared at the Governor. "I would also like you to make an Apology to my right hand man for the rather rude remark of calling him a 'swine'. It wasn't very nice."

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"Apologize? To your lackey? With all due respect sir, this man deserves as much respect as those beast we train for combat, the Ficans," the Governor remarked as two of his soldiers appeared behind him with the snarling beasts. "Now then sire, if you'd like to continue ruling this edge of our galaxy, I'd like specific instructions for this 'W'. You see, this entire place is guarded with the highest security of the planet. You couldn't possibly hope to escape alive.


So please, I wish not to spill your blood on my good carpet," he said snorting. His voice got higher as he spoke, indicating his excitement at what would be his victory.


Orion got to his feet, glaring at the snarling beasts before him. "The key is not yours to claim. It belongs to us, and for you to question Lord Davok, is heraldic, and will not--"


Suddenly, a large crash shook the palace. Orion stumbled back into his seat, looking around. "What was that?!" screeched the Governor. A second explosion, and his guards were on the ground, the Ficans dead beside them. "What is going on?!" The governor was clearly frightened beyond belief. Orion meanwhile got to his feet, drawing his blade from it's sheath, and pointing at the Governor's head.


"Stand aside Governor, and I shall spare your life," he said, and quickly the Governor pinned himself quietly against the nearest wall. "Master Davok, with your permission, I shall investigate."


But that wouldn't be necessary, as a large horde of Ficans charged towards them, led by great Ogres. "Take them!" screeched the largest in front.

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The Emperor Lord Davok let out a chuckle from his wide, grinning fanged face. Puffing himself out in a childish sense of superiority, he made a rather bigger effect than he had intended. Davok suddenly found himself towering over the Governor, his shadow engulfing the pudgy little man as his chest bulged out. Suddenly he halted, his eye now taking on a confused curve and suddenly began babbling to himself again.


"Wha-no... it's a mad, mad, world... Hehehe...that's funny, it's not funny you idiot! Yes it is! Explo- Oh, I see. Hehehehehehehehehe... no, that's no-"


Suddenly his eye shot into a jagged knife like shape, and the pupil shifted quickly back to the Governor at his statement about the Key. He wet his lips as he curled them back, preparing to spit back another obviously witty refute that would crumple the Governor in his chair! Oh, does he love this battle of wits!


Then he was introduced to the two Ficans.


They were magnificent. Their bodies were like luminescent hagworms, curling upwards covered with disgusting hair and muck. A triangular head jutted out of their bodies like a spear thrust through their rubbish filled necks. Their teeth were bared, and what teeth! Two teeth the size of swords jutted out from their black and plaque filled gums, accompanied by an array of knife like canines that were covered with all manners of blood and meat and darkened spots. Practically stabbing out of their tube-like bodies were the two infamous claws, thick as sapling and as long as a longsword, just waiting stab and rench and tear out the flesh of all that oppose them. Their enormous wings almost completely darkened the room. It had appeared that the soldiers hadn't been able to stop them from being fully extended.


The Emperor gazed at these beautiful creatures in a sense of riveting amazement, and then suddenly came the explosion. It shook the whole building, and the bodily fluids of both the soldiers and the Ficans oozed onto the carpet. Then he saw it, the enormous horde of Ficans and great Ogres erupting from every crevice, every walkway, every kiosk. The Emperor bounced up and down in glee, clenched his fists, and boomed:


"This is a surprise party!"

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OoC: xD Davok, you make even the strongest of situations hilarious.


One of the large Ogres jumped atop the giant tabletop desk, roaring insanely at Orion and his Master. Orion let out a sigh, as he placed a palm on Master Davok's head, causing him to duck. Then, a loud sonic boom erupted as Orion swung his blade through the fat bellied ogre, slicing him in half in a blink. The beast's body crashed to the floor, and Orion kicked fiercely through the face of an approaching Fican.


"Sorry about that sire," he said slicing away, increasing the sound of his voice over the boom of his blade. "But I do think we should escape," he said loudly.


The Governor was still cowering in a corner as Orion sliced at the approaching enemies. Kicking down the door behind them, Orion tried to lead Master Davok outside. "Goodbye Governor," he taunted.


The Governor was furious. "You swine!!" he screamed, only seconds before the wall around him walked over his curly face, crushing him against the floor.

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His eye bulged out in surprise as he felt Orion grasp the top of his head and pull him down under one of the tables, rather rudely he might add! He let out a tsk, tsk sound and opened his mouth to scold his bodyguard, but suddenly Orion leaped out at an offending Ogre and rent his body in two with a great sonic boom. It seemed to have a very negative effect on the head of the charging horde, as they covered their ears and roared in pain as their bluish blood leaked out of their eardrums. Davok stopped this action as he stared in unanimous glee at the sight before him, before being wrenched to the door of the area. He resisted at first, then suddenly he giggled as a thought entered his head.


This is an adventure! We must escape! And he practically catapulted himself out the door as Orion slammed the Governor's face into the room.


The Emperor landed promptly onto the asphalt of the street, looking around to see chaos. Ficans and Ogres slashed and scraped and blasted the populace with the numerous weaponry at their disposal, with Landbusters bombing the attacking horde with little success. Davok turned toward Orion and nodded, beckoning him to follow him, and Davok dived into an alley, startling a quivering family of mei hiding within it's dark confines.

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"Where are we going Master?" he asked aloud. He knew better than to question Lord Davok, but he was quite concerned with being lost in a city of chaos and turmoil. Following close through the thin alley of families of poverty, overturned trash cans which were being rummaged and rifed through for day old food, and stray beasts looking to cash in on the deal, Orion couldn't help but wonder what the Governor had been doing all this time.


In the streets before them, guns blazed, and blood splatter was a common sight.

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Davok cursed under his breath as the tiles in front of the alley combusted with a crash. The scattered shrapnel and tiles threw anywhere, pelting all nearest them with a cloud of sharp adobe, tearing through flesh and lodging in bones. The mei family let out a sharp high pitched scream as the oldest male and female dropped down on the ground in a puddle of golden blood, files of jagged knife-like blades of shrapnel lodged inside their chests. Their eyes and mouths were open in unison, never to utter that final scream. The two younglings let out a cry of despair, tears welling up inside their eyes, until exploding in a cacophony of black tears staining their olive colored skin.


The Emperor turned his head and regarded them with a twitch in the eye. The eye strayed on the unfortunate duo for a moment, then abruptly turned his head back to the opposite end of the alley where a small group of geohumans, humans, furons and mei soldiers were desperately slashing at an oncoming rank of Ficans. One of the furons managed to wrench one of the Ficans' devastating chainguns, but didn't see one of the brutes stepped up behind his offense. The trigger was pulled back, and pellets blasted his head off, the furon's brain leaking onto the ground. The soldiers roared and charged, slashing with their Carbonox blades. Their blood splattered onto the ground, the soldiers ascending to rest eternal in Valhalla.


Davok fumbled inside his pockets throwing out all sorts of clutter: rubex cubes, compasses, teddy bears and even a miniature ant farm. Finally he pulled it out, a round rusty bronze watch, degenerating with it's fantastic age. Green digits sprang out in a brilliant light.


"Approximately 12:00 EM Standard." Davok chuckled presently, then halted suddenly. "Hmmm... EM Standard? Hehehehe... oh, dear.. No dear!"


His eye bulged upon and the infamous grin sprang onto his face yet again. He stared at Orion for a moment, then muttered happily. "We have approximately two minutes altogether before the Landbusters biobomb us all and kill this city."

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Two minutes. That was efficiently enough time to bash through the crowded streets, hi-jack a teleportation vessel and make their way safely away from this forsaken planet. To do this, it would take most of Orion's energy. He nodded as Master Davok finished, plunging his blade into the rugged ground before them, a thick plasma wall coating a pathway clear for them ahead for at least a mile.


Grabbing his Master's arm, hoping he wouldn't lose his life in the process, he took a knee, and flashing forward, sprinted through the plasma pathway.


As he reached it's end, he propelled himself from wall to wall, scaling the tallest buildings, before leaping atop a Class 3 H.S.S.V (Hyper Space, Super Vessel). It wasn't a shock that his athletisim gave him the ability to shatter jumping these heights, so it was easy to to hi-jack this single-manned ship.


Ripping the pilot from his seat, he tossed the fragile fool to the ground below, 15,000 feet to his death. It was a tight fit, but they would at least escape alive.

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