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Who....am I?

Immortal Chaos

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Lore: When this card is selected as an attack target, you may change the attack target to another face-up Machine-Type monster you control. When this card is destroyed and sent from the field to the Graveyard, look at the top 5 cards of your deck. Select 1 Spell Card and add it to your hand. Return the other cards to your deck. Your deck is then shuffled.


Pic Credit: Original Pic Name - What Am I

Artist - KomicKarl

Site Found - DeviantArt


Rates? Hates? Fixes? All Welcome....

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may = can

take out "destroyed" in the second sentence

deck = Deck

"look at" = "pick up"

Good card, the image isn't that great, and the OCG could use some work, but it seems playable.


Maybe change 5 to 3 though, just to balance it out. Also change the third sentence to "If you pick up a Spell Card(s), select 1 of them and add it to your hand."



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