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Naruto: New Legends Episode premiering wensday


How is the sries so far?  

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Hey guys, I noticed theres no Naruto Fan fic lately so i decided to make one up. I tryed to make the story detailed as possible. Hope you like it. And please commet on the first episode.


[spoiler= Episode 1: The Village of Peace?]

[align=justify]The Hidden Leaf Village was always a peaceful village ever since the sixth Hokage had took in charge. Fewer crimes, less riots, better prices as well. Children play and laugh in the fields, husbands and wife's get along better to. Yes…it was peaceful, while the breeze blew and swept across the village "Stop, thief!" until someone has to wreck it.

"Stop Rouya, don't make me angry!" Rouya was always a trouble maker ever since he entered the academy. His father died and so did his mother, so he has to work, and if necessary, steal to survive. His hair was night blue and a part of his hair he kept horizontal in a seventy angle to the left of his face. The rest of his hair was spiked to a right angle of forty five. It went nicely with his white almond eyes. He wore the usual ninja shoes, thick gloves with their fingers cut off, a dark blue sweat shirt with its sleeves ripped to look like a shirt, and long baggy white shorts. He also kept a white work out bandage just in the middle of his nose and eyes.

"If I don't make you angry then what's the fun of chasing me?" taunting the clerk while running with a white bag in his right hand. He was bald with a white chef apron wearing blue shirt and black pants with menacing black eyes. Rouya was too well known for his crazy schemes. Spray painting on walls, pranks on his class mates and other people, also stealing, just like he's doing now.

They turned a corner into a crowd of people. Dodging and weaving from people carrying goods, spices, groceries, and supplies for whatever their job is. It was so crowded, that he bumped into them mostly while they said "Hey watch it!" or just basically 'Ow'. Rouya finally got out of the crowd leaving the man left deep in the crowd shouting "I'll get you Rouya, and when I do I'm going to…" Rouya was too far away to hear the man last words.

Rouya ran into a dark alley and crouched behind a trash can. He looked around to see the man got out of the crowd. He looked both ways wondering where he went, and then he kept going on the direction he was in. Rouya waited a little longer to see if he would come back. After a few seconds the cost was clear. He leans back on the trash can taking a breather. "That was close." He got up and started to walk out of the alley. "I'll see what the catch of the day is when I get back to my-" he stopped when he saw someone standing in front of him, towering over him. He knew all too well who it was. He freaked out still standing in one place.

"Sensei! W-What are you doing here?" He laughs a bit and hides the sack behind his back. It was his sensei Karasu. He was a cheerful guy and a well respected teacher, when he chases down rouya though, he's usually calm. He had narrow bright green eyes with black spiked hair. He wore his usual uniform for being a Jonin (green vest with dark blue, long sleeve shirt), forest green pants that look like army pants. The pants were rolled up to the middle of the thighs.

"I happened to be strolling by to see your little performance with clerk. What are doing in a dark alley like this?" Rouya was getting nervous.

"Well…you see I-"

"Well what?" Karasu was giving him the look. He's also known as the Looker as on missions he usually takes a look to see if there are any trap and shunning his look. Even though his face is calm, it also looks menacing. Rouya couldn't say anything.

"What's that you got in your hand there?" Rouya froze. He didn't even flinch from anything around him.

"That doesn’t happen to be the bag you stole from that clerk…is it."

"W-Well…yes." Rouya finally broke out and told the truth. He bowed and stretched out his hands revealing the bag to Karasu.

"Ah, so you did." Karasu took the back from Rouya.


"Rouya, you know you'll get in big trouble if you keep stealing. It's also bad for the academies reputation to. So here take this." Karasu hands him some food in a bag enough to last him for the rest of his day and tommorow, and a piece of paper.

"Huh, what's this? I get the food but what's this paper?" Rouya starts reading to himself letting out some murmurs. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHH. After school jobs? Why would I want to do this?" rouya slams his hand into the paper.

"Well since you keep stealing goods from other people, you need to earn some money to keep yourself alive. You can't rely on other people's food."

"But sensei-"

"No back talk. Trust me it'll be good for you. Plus it will also heal your reputation of what people think of you." Rouya stares at the paper for a few moments. "Well seeya. Stay out of trouble now." Karasu chuckles a bit then walks out of the alley. Rouya grunts abit, giving Karasu a stubborn look.

"Oh Rouya, I would recommend the one that’s circled." Rouya looks back down at the paper and see's a circle around a job with and arrow pointing to it. At the start of the arrow it said 'recommended'.

'This sucks. After school work, he's got to be kidding me…right.' He puts the paper in his left pocket and he put his food in his right pocket. 'That’s it. I'll not go, I'll just ignore it. It'll go away. He smiles and walks out of the alley into the street. He started then home to get a good long rest for school tomorrow. 'Then again, sensei may bug me about it and keep annoying me 'till I do it.' Rouya sighs in disappointment. 'Oh well, looks like its work day for me tomorrow.' Rouya kept walking 'till he bumped into someone which mad a THUD sound.

"Ow, sorry mister. I didn't mean to bump into you." Rouya backed up a bit and found him looking at a little boy. He had short, shaggy hair that was chocolate brown with grey eyes. He was wearing short pants, a sleeve less plain shirt, and plain sandals. Rouya continued to stare at the boy.

He finally spoke "No…I'm sorry. I didn't watch wear I was going."

"That’s okay mister, you didn't mean to." The little boy laughs a little bit. So does Rouya. Rouya suddenly notices that his clothes seem a little torn and shaggy looking, and his face looked a bit dirty with two smudges on both cheeks. Rouya suddenly wondered something. Wheres his mom and dad?

"Hey kid-" the boy looks at him happily.

"Where's your mom and dad?" The boy's eyes widened…then went narrow. The boy looks down.

"Dead." Rouya was stunned. An ominous breeze flew over them leaving him looking at the boy feeling sad. It reminded him about how his parents died. They stood there for a while.

"But it's okay-"

"Huh?" The boy looked up smiling like nothing was wrong in life. Like everything should be as it is.

"I'm not that lonely. I'm okay…really." The boy hides his feelings by laughing. Rouya was speechless. He didn't know what to say. 'He's okay? He's OKAY? How can you be okay without your parents, and by the looks of this kid, no friends? Like…me." He stares at him in disbelieve, but gets out of state of shock just in time to see the boy leave.

"Well seeya mister." The boy walks off, but is stopped by the sound of Rouya's voice.

"Wait! Take this." He reaches for the food in his pocket and gives it to the boy.

"Take this. You need it more than I do." The boy looks the bag. "It's food kid, nothing else." The boy then puts it in his pocket.

"Thanks mister. I can't wait to eat it." Rouya smiles at the boy and walks away.

"Wait, mister!" Rouya stops and looks back. "I didn't introduce myself. My name's Samishii. What's yours?" Rouya stood there.

"Rouya, Samishii." Rouya then walks away with his hands in his pockets.

"Thanks for the food. Bye." Samishii runs away waving goodbye.

"Seeya kid." Rouya doesn’t look back. He just puts his hand in the air, waving, then he put his hand back in his pocket. Not all the time Rouya maybe mischevious, but he feals like outcasts like him are his brother or sister. He feels there pain and knows what they went through. Yet he feels sorry for him.

"Well I may have given away my food but I still got some loot in my pocket from the clerk. Good thing sensei didn't notice." Rouya pulls out a piece of bread and tears a chunk out of it. "Mmm. Good bread." Rouya continues to eat the bread on the way home.

Up on top of a building, Karasu was watching and listening to Rouya and Samishii's conversation.

"Nice job Rouya, I'm proud of you." Karasu gets up and jumps from building to building to see hows it going over the village. 'You really have matured Rouya. You not only proved to not think of yourself, you saved a boy from hunger, despite of having to give away your only food.' Then Karasu remembers how Rouya pulled out a piece of bread. 'Well…almost everything.' Karasu continues to jump from building to building. 'How'd I miss that piece of bread in his back pocket though?'



It was late night and Rouya was at his house. Luckily his parents had a house so he could live in. But he had to pay bills for water use and electricity use. So he uses a lamp and got water from a well to drink from. This is why he had to steal food, he couldn't pay a thing.

He was lying on his bed looking up at the sealing with his arms behind his head, thinking of the incident that happened with his parents. A man killed them on a mission investigating a crime scene. Even though they were in the Anbu Black Ops, they were killed. Even though he wasn't there to see it, he could imagine it.

"Man, I can't get to sleep." Rouya got up and started out of the house. "I guess I'll go for a midnight stroll in town." Rouya locked up his house and started to walk down the street.

After awhile he started to think about the job list Karasu gave him. 'I wonder what job I should get; I need one that has good work hours and good payment.' Rouya remembered the circled job on the list the sensei recommended. 'Wonder why he wanted me to do that job? But what about that boy…uh…Samishii, there we go." A flash back to Saishii's smile made him remembered how sad he felt about him.

'I wonder how he's doing right now' It was one o' clock and he was in the fields. He always took the same path to a spot where he, his mom and dad use to play together when he was a little kid. Those were some good times he had with them back then.

He suddenly heard a boy's voice yelling in the distance. "HELP! SOMEONE HELP!" Rouya quickly turned to the direction of the noise and ran straight for it. He went through bushes and tree branches trying to get to the persons cry for help. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLP!"

Rouya finally got to the area where the cry was pleading for help. He saw in front of him Samishii…surrounded by three men in weird uniforms. They had black vests with a yellow S letter in the center of the shirt with black jeans that go down to the heals.


"Shut it brat! No one's here to save you." One steps forward.

"Yeah, so come quietly with us and…we'll try to loosen up some blows. He-he" The man cracks his knuckles. Samishii's eyes grew with fear.

"Samishii!" Rouya grabs a fallen stick and jumps in front of Samishii.

"Hey, who is this kid?"

"I don't know, but he's in the way. Move it kid."

"Rouya!" Samishii yells. Rouya holds up the stick like a sword preparing to fight.

"Samishii, get back!"


"Get out of here kid. This is going to get ugly." Rouya prepares himself.

"Ha, a wise guy hey." One of the men started.

"We don't want to hurt you kid."

"Well neither do I." The group of men starts to laugh. Rouya starts to get angry. "I MEAN IT!" pointing the stick at them.

"Well neither are we." They stand there, preparing their move. A wind brushes over them as the sweat of Rouya cools.

"Get lost kid." One of the men lunges at him with a kick that went fast as the wind. Samishii gasps.

"Watch out!" Rouya grabs the incoming kick and throws him back to the ground. The man made a loud bang when he fell. The other men just watch. Then Rouya starts to attack the others followed by a jab to the stomach then a High kick to the neck. Then a lunged at the other man with the stick, but got grabbed by him.

"You’re a real pest kid!" He picks up Rouya, lifts his leg and slams Rouya down on it. Rouya eyes widened as the breath got knocked out of him, then the man kicked him up against a tree. Rouya gets whacked on the head pretty good against the tree and almost fell unconscious. He just laid there helpless in fact that he was going to die.

"He guys you okay?" One man gets up with his hand on his neck. He growls madly at Rouya.

"That kids going to pay. I'll snap his neck!" The other man got up and didn't say anything. He just glared viciously at Rouya with flaring eyes. They started towards him with their hands out looking like they were about to strangle something. As they close in, Rouya is thinking 'So…this is it.' The men inch closer and closer by the second. 'Dying at the feet of criminals.' Samishii wouldn't move. He just watched his friend get pummeled by men. 'I guess I'll see mom and dad earlier than I expected. Heh-heh, I just wish I had more to live for. Rouya closed his eyes and waited for the men to finally kill him. Waiting for death to take him away.

"Rouya!" Samishii runs towards him.

"Samishii?" Rouya looks up and see's Samishii running towards one of the men with another stick.

"Samishii, what I told you to do? Get out of here before you get killed!" Samishii kept running towards the men.

"Samishiiiiiiiii!" Samishii whacks one of the men on the head with the stick. Thwack, a loud crack of the blow sounded. I was the stick that snapped in half due to the force of the impact with the head.

"Ow, You snot nosed brat!" The man then kicks him in the stomach so hard; Samishii went flying over ten feet and landed in the grass patch. Samishii's breath got knocked out from hitting the ground. Rouya's eyes widened in terror, seeing Samishii being knocked like that.

"I'll deal with that kid first, you boys just make sure he watches each moment of it while I tear him shreds. I don't care what the boss has to say, but I'm going to slowly give him a death to remember in the afterlife!" He slowly walks towards Samishii.

One other man stepped on Rouya's head, holding him there, making him watch. The other man just crossed his arms feeling confident.

Rouya yelled out "Why?" Samishii looked at him, half conscious. "Why did you throw yourself in like that? I told you to run, why, why didn't you run?" Samishii kept looking at him.

"Because…" Samishii started.

"WHY!" Samishii held back a while on what he was about to say.

"…I couldn't let my brother die." Rouya was shocked, and was so still, he couldn't believe what Samishii said. Samishii finally fell unconscious, closing his eyes. 'Brother?' The wind had stopped, and a murder was about to happen, and rouya was about to see it all.

"Aaaaaaaaww. Brother, how great was that. Well kid you'll see you 'brother' soon…in heaven!" The man started to laugh. It was an evil laugh filled with horror. Rouya felt like he was watching how hi parents died. His died as the one being held down, and his mom about to be slowly killed. It was horrible. Suddenly everything went black.

The man finally approached Samishii. "Okay kid…It's time-" he reaches for Samishii. "-for you-" he reached ever so slowly it was menacing. "-to…die!" He was just about to grab Samishii until he sensed an evil chakra. He had never sensed something so evil in his life.

'What the; what is this chakra. Is this the boy's chakra? No, no it isn't. His chakra is weak.' He was still for a few second. 'Then- where's it coming from?' then he heard his men screaming from behind him, punches being dealt, and bones cracking. He froze hearing the sounds. Sweat was going down the side of his head, and then he saw a blue light surrounding the edges of his eyes. He slowly turns around to see his men fallen. They're bones cracked and bended in ways not even possible for a normal human being to do, and in between them, Rouya was surrounded by a blue vortex, chakra bending in ways of such beauty and yet menacing. Chakra was spurting from all around his feet.

"W-What the?" Rouya was looking down at the ground. "Who are you? W-What are you?" The man's voice was trembling in fear and his legs shaking in sight of the evil chakra. Rouya looked up with his eyes all wide and angry. The man steps back, then Rouya lunged at him at great speed with punch, which was surround by blue chakra, swirling around the incoming fist.

The hand made contact, then launch the man so fast, he broke trees just by colliding into them. He finally stopped. The streak of wreaked tree was a mile long! Rouya was still in his punching position, blistering with fury. The blue chakra faded. Rouya was panting due to the tremendous energy he jut used, then closed his eyes and fell to the ground, laying there unconscious.



Three Jonin were heading to an enormous chakra release out of the village. One of the three were Karasu, who does nightly patrol sometimes.

His communicator received amessage. "This is Jonin Jamu, have you gotten to the sight yet." Karasu answered back.


"well okay, inform me what you find at the sight."

"Gotcha, Karasu out." Communication ended. Karasu sighed a little bit. 'Days like these don't come around often, but at least I'll have some excitement if the a battle is going on.' The three Jonin finally reached the sight.

"What the?" A Jonin was shocked what happened, two men cracked and bones bended ways not imaginable, a little boy laying on the ground, a long streak of falling trees, and Rouya at the starting point at the streak.

"Wait a minute? That’s Rouya!" Karasu sped up to get to Rouya faster. "ROUYAAAAAAAAA!"[/align]




[align=center]and if your ever intrested, I got the link to the short and long version of Naruto Shippuden opening 1, Heros Come Back.


Short version



Long version


my favorite opening[/align]

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