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REMAKE : Female Spirits


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on my last post i made cards of the female spirits of each attribute except divine (probably making a fusion divine for the spirits) anyway i borrowed the effects of the charmers cause i ran out of ideas for the spirits and it was 3 am any way some wanted the dark spirit pic change so i did and finally add my own effects for the spirits

*COMING SOON **** The Divine Spirit*








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very good pics' date=' OCG looks fine, but the effects are too similar, you should make them different



^^ That


Also, I dont know if it's just me but the first pic looks a wee (I'm not scottish) bit blurry but not very noticable.


7.5 / 10


doesn't look blurry to me the took me long to find pics like those but my next one is going to make a fusion or ritual monster of them

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