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Project: Archangel [Battle for the World RP] NOT STARTED ACCEPTING!!!!!


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A shuttle launch to Mars was finally to be planned, but a meteor shower had occured during the launch. A meteor hit the shuttle, but did no damage. Small pieces fell to the ground, and there was a message ingraved in a strange language. It was decoded, only to find out a demon-like alien race is coming to Earth that formerly inhabited it. They used the pieces from the meteor to create similar beings, in hopes of being able to help save the world. Will you help destroy it? Save it? Sit around gain 140 pounds? You decide.


[spoiler=Types of Archangels]


Vampiristics: Mainly based around stealth, camoflouge and mostly sucking the energy from it's enemies. They don't really on power as they do simple strategy.


Illusionists: Don't rely on physical power, they only rely on illusion and deception. They can clone up to 5, and melt into the ground and move around. They can also change the way the world around them looks like.


Defensives: They have very large stone or steel like wings. Their flight ablities are better than most Archangels, but don't really attack as much as they take advantage of their enemy's power.


Collosus: Very large (about 10-12 feet high) with no flight abilities or magical abilities. They are hard to knock down and have quite abit of strength. Raw power is their game.


Mimics: Can copy the abilities of any archangel, but cannot copy physical appearance (such as size) but they are not as effect as the original. No original magic abilities.


Rusher: Mainly rely on speed and agility. They have some magical abilities, but they are mostly based on their weapon.


Unless stated otherwise all types have flight abilities, and magical abilities.









Magical Attacks (Only 3 and no overpowered ones):

Side(good, evil):



[spoiler=My App]

Name: Michael

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn169/diaku955/Haseo_02__Armored_nuffed.jpg

Weapon: In pic

Type: Rusher

Magical Attacks: Dark Rush, Meteor Barage, Black Halo

Side: Good



[spoiler=Available Plots]

Once again, I will use the vote a plot function, and I got the idea from Chaotic Angel.


-Mimical Mahem


-Illusional Intentions


-Inpenatrable defenses


-Vampiristic Vendetta


-Collossal Chaos


-Rushing Rampage


-Final Battle Only available after all plots have been completed.



[spoiler= TEH ROOLES. READ FIRST!!!]

1. No godmodding

2. If at all possible, post in detail

3. No spamming/flaming

4. No moving the plot unless I am on.

5. If I am not on, and you wish to RP, you could talk to other people, fight, as long as it doesn't brake rules 1-4 I don't care.




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