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Song Help.


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Hello I have been trying to write a kinda up paced Techno/Screamo song but i havnt been able to come up with anything for about 4-6 months may somebody please help me? If they do they'll get 3 Reps, and 1000 Points im in Dire need of Lyrics. Please Help and Thankyou!



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1 my phone broke, which had all their numbers 2 Summer Break 3 im in New Zealand 4 i don't know any of their emails.


I just need a Verse and maybe a Bridge Ugh i havnt wrote a song since i knew how to actully write music with the e# and stuff :\

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Well when i tend to listen to already made songs for ideas' date=' i tend to Rip a little thats why i try not to.



well you can have my lyrics for this song i was trying to do but never finished it


the castle is rising in the dead of night lurking all the evil that waits inside. demons of the 7th hell rising from their graves

trying to escape in search for their prey


that's all have hope it helps

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