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Yu-Gi-Oh The Dark Lords Return Book 1 Chapter 3 complete


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Hi there!! I'm bassa and I’m a fanatic about Yu-gi-oh! I have decided to write a story about Borova.


The Dark Lords are rising again and Gronus has decided to hold a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament to decide which of the best duellists should rise and defeat the evil that has spread across the land. Borova is one of the duelists invited to this tournament...




[spoiler=Prologue]The wind howled against the rooftops as Borova strolled down the alleyway. The sun shone brightly blinding from seeing the lovely fields that stood before him. He walked slowly staring...glaring, passes by looking at him in a way of hatred. He stopped. He looked around silently in the middle of the road, thinking about the invitation. He had been invited to the biggest Yu-Gi-Oh tournament of the year...But he had stopped playing three years ago since the terrible war of the gods in which his parents had been killed. They had always hated Yu-Gi-Oh and so for there sake he had stopped playing. Should he break his promise? He thought for ten minutes and then turned round, heading home...he had some packing to do...



[spoiler=Chapter 1 return of an old friend]The sun rose from behind the treetops as Borova stepped out into the crowded streets. Duelists from all over the world had come to play, or witness this huge event. He pushed himself to the front of the crowd to see what everyone was looking at. And there, stood in the middle of the road were Granold and Borova's best friend Dan. It looked as if they were having a duel...


(Dan had a face down trap with no monsters and Granold had three face downs and Red Dragon Archfiend, a huge dragon with daggers for claws)


Granold: And now Red Dragon Archfiend attack Dan directly.


(The fiend let out a bright ball of flame and Dan's life points went down to zero.)


"You are no match for me, Dan. This tournaments mine and these people know it. Now, hand over those nice cards of yours..."


"Stop," yelled Borova over all the commotion, "you can't just take my friends cards like that. If you want them, you'll have to duel me first."

Borova pulled his duel disk from his bag and inserted his deck.

"Let the duel begin!"


Borova: "I draw. First I'll Summon Trap Beast X: Lord of spying." (ATK 1500 DEF 500).


(A Bright red eye appeared on the field)


Borova: "I'll throw down a face down and it’s your move..."


Granold: "Weak start there...Mmm...I draw and summon Junk Warrior in attack mode." (ATK 900 DEF 500)


(A large warrior made of junk and carrying a gun appeared on the field)


Granold: "Next I activate its effect on the turn that it is summoned its attack doubles (ATK 1800 DEF 500). Now I attack your puny little Trap Beast X..."


Borova: "Not so fast. I activate My Trap beast X's effect Once per turn by sending one Trap Beast from you hand, deck or field to the grave destroy one card your opponent controls...I'll choose junk warrior..."


Granold: "Ok your move"


Borova: "I draw. Yes! First I activate Mine field and now for every card you play you lose 200 Life points...and since you played Junk warrior..."


(Borova: 4000 Granold: 3800)


Borova: "...And now I attack you directly with my Trap Beast X..."


(Borova: 4000 Granold: 2300)


Borova: "...Your move"


Granold: "Now I activate the Trap Rising from the Dead. Now that you destroyed a monster through effect I can summon one level 7 monster from my hand...Alien Hero: Eye guy (ATK 2000 DEF 1500). Weren't expecting that my friend. This card cannot attack the turn it is summoned."


Borova: ??: "But you now lose 400 Life points for summoning and playing a trap Card..."


(Borova: 4000 Granold: 1900)


Borova: "My move. I draw. I summon Trap Beast III: Moon Stalker...(ATK 1000 DEF 1200)..."


(A golden Wolf appeared on the battle field)


Borova: "I activate my Moon stalker's effect. By sacrificing this monster you can special summon one Trap Beast from your Deck Or graveyard And I’ll choose this beast. I play him in face down defence position. I play down a face down and end my turn"


Granold: "Right I will attack with my Alien Hero on your Trap beast X..."


Borova: "I don't think so I play my face down. Ancient ring of power. This card decreases the ATK of a monster by 1000, so your Aliens attack is now 1000 which means you lose another thousand Life Points..."


(Borova: 4000 Granold: 900)


Granold: "...I draw. I play one monster face down and I end my turn."


Borova: "Giving up eh! Right this turn is the last now you played a monster you lose another 200 Life points..."


(Borova: 4000 Granold: 700)


Borova: "Now I sacrifice my Trap beast X: Lord of Spying and my face Down Trap Beast IV: Magic Trapper to summon Lord of despair.

(Level 8 ATK 3200 DEF 2700)


(A giant rock like warrior the size of a mountain)


Borova: "I attack your Alien Hero: Eye Guy...!”


(Borova: 4000 Granold: 0000)


Granold fell to his knees and wept. Dan walked up to Borova.

"Thanks old friend. I don't think we'll be seeing him around any time soon."


But the tournament was only just beginning...



[spoiler=Chapter 2 Rise of the duellists]Borova and Dan crossed the road toward the Duel stadium. The main draw would be being called in about ten minute’s time and they couldn't be late.

"Thanks again for saving me, I don't know what I’d do without you" Dan exclaimed. "I thought that was the end...I mean..."

"STOP! I mean...urghh...oh I’m sorry Dan it’s been a tough week you know with me starting duelling again it’s just...hard." Borova sighed, "Why was I invited anyway. I mean it’s not as if I was a very good duellist" They strode off towards the stadium.


"Change of Plan Gunter. This tournaments going to take to long if everybody plays. We'll be here for months. I know let's choose 32 of the best duelists." Gronus stutted pouring himself yet another glass of wine.

"But sir...People have come from all over the world to duel here, we can't just turn them down when they get here" Gunter put in standing from his chair.

"Well...We can...Oh alright we'll choose 32 of the best and hold another tournament for the others. Does that suite you?" Gronus replied.

"Excellent!" cried Gunter slyly tipping poison into his master’s cup.

"He He He!"


The two took there seats in the stand and stared down at the man on the duelling fields.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. There’s been a slight change of plan."

The crowd started to shout out. Complaining about the bad organisation of the event. But the Man continued.

"Yes. We have chosen the best 32 duelists from around the world to compete in a tournament and then the rest of you can duel in another."

He continued.

"What so were not good enough eh. Can't play like the best." People started shouting. But the man still continued.

"The 32 people are on the screen now." He pointed up as each competitor was revealed. The familiar faces were there like Jack and Yusie but a surprise face had crept on the board.



"There's something fishy going on." Borova cried standing in his seat, hands on his head.

"What do you mean?" Dan replied wondering what Borova was going on about. He stood with his friend and pushed his blonde hair behind his ear.

"Well. For one thing, why have they gone down to only 32 straight away? It's as if they're trying to speed things up a bit. And secondly, why am I up there? I'm not a very good duellist compared to them. There's no way I’m going to' beat them."

Both the friends new that what Gronus had originally planned had changed for some obscure reason and they were going to find out what.


"Excuse me Gronus, sir. But I think there's an error on are board. There is a picture of a boy called Borova. There are no signs of him in the top 32 duelists in the world so why is he there." Gunter stutted.

"He is supposed to be up there for you see He was once the number 28 in the world but retired due to an unfortunate accident he hasn't duelled since apart from the duel against the number 25 seed Granold outside the stadium. I saw him and he has a very good potential."

Gronus just hoped that he was right and he hadn't made a terrible mistake...



[spoiler=Chapter 3 An unexpected end]Borova stepped out into the arena with a crowd of people behind. And a crowd of people ahead. He had been drawn to duel no 5 seed 'Dino Man'. Dan had thought it to be a sad name, but Borova ignored him knowing that he did not even have a name. He walked to his side of the field and his name was called out. The cheering was only minimal but he did not really care.

"And now," The loud speaker rang out, "the moment you've all been waiting for. It's Dino Man."

The crowd cheered there hearts out as Dino man, a tall handsome man wearing only trousers walked out. He swished his long black hair behind him.

He eventually arrived at his place and the both drew five cards.



Dino: "My move! First I summon Hydrogeddon in attack mode..." (ATK 1600 DEF 1000)


(A dinosaur with water circling around it appeared on the field)


Dino: "then I play one card face down and end my turn."


Borova: "I draw! First I summon Trap Beast VII: Dragon Slayer in DEF," (ATK 1400 DEF 1200)


(A warrior with golden curls and the head of a dragon appeared)


Borova: "Next I’ll play card destruction. Both players discard their entire hand and draw the same amount of cards


Both of the players discarded their hands.


Borova: "I play a face down and end my turn"


Dino: "Right. I play big evolution pill..."


Borova: :x


Dino: "...Now I can summon any cards without tribute for three turns and guess who I choose. Black Tyranno!" (ATK 2600 DEF 1800). Now that you have no monsters in attack mode I can attack you directly..."


(Borova: 1300 Dino: 4000)


Borova: "My move. Next I sacrifice my Trap Beast III to the grave from my hand to special summon one Trap Beast from my deck. I'll choose Lord of deception in DEF...This card gains 700 Def when in defence position. (ATK 1300 DEF 2500)


(A beast in a hooded cloak appeared)


Dino: "Silly move. Putting another monster in Defence means I can attack you directly with Black Tyranno. Go attack..."


Borova: "Remember my face down. I play Trappers claw.When your opponent attacks, negate the attack and for every card in your hand you lose 500 life points...And seeing as you have six..."


(Borova: 1300 Dino: 1000)


Borova: "Next I..."


Dino: "I don't think so. I play reverse. Now that I have lost life points you lose life points equal to half. And that means 1500, and the end of the duel..."


(Borova's life points plummeted to zero)


He fell to his knees.

"Nice duel mate. Perhaps we can have a rematch sometime.


"Looks like your star fell at the first hurdle." Gunter exclaimed.

"I don't think so. I am going to make Dino an offer he can't refuse!"



[spoiler=Chapter 4 An offer you can't refuse (Not finished yet)]Dino catiously crept down the street trying to get away from his followers. He had left the staduim feeling no emotion. Then these men dressed in black suits started following him, wherever he went. He had started to run but they kept on coming. There was nothing he he could do. He found a hiding place behind a row of bins. And laid there, not daring to breath.

He cautiously peered over the bin and stared at the men who stood metres away from where he was hiding.

"He's down here!" One of the men shouted to his companion.

"I saw him and this leads to a dead end. He has nowhere to run" The man continued letting out a sly chuckle, walking down the ally.

"Boss will be pleased with us today!"


Dino was thrown onto the floor in front of Gronuses chair. His clothes were torn and he was covered in gashes and bruises. Gronus stepped from his perch and circled around the injured duelist.

"Nice win you had today...But a bit of cheating was goin' on ey!"

Dino stared up at Gronus, startled at the last remark.

"I may not be a very nice person but i am not a cheat! What makes you think think that i, of all people would cheat in something i love doing?" Dino replied, mouth open.

"We know that...But the crowd don't...I am going to make you an offer you cam't refuse!" Gronus said slyly.


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