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Yugioh Championship: Tournament


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You need Yugioh Virtual Dueling (YVD) to join. And I need at least 8 to start. Forbbiden are allowed and all Limited are now Normal Unlimited.


It has been around 4 years since the events of Yugioh GX, where Synchro Monsters are brand new. A Tournament has opened and many desire to win the Grand Prize....But there are also Evil Duelists who have joined in. But whether Good or Evil Duelists join doesn't matter.....







Deck (You can change later on):


[spoiler=Download YVD here]




[spoiler=My App]

Name: Abidos IV

Age: ?



Bio: He claims to be an ancient Pharaoh but many think he is just a kid who likes cosplaying. But his actions may show them what he really is...

Deck: The Forbidden One (44 Cards)


[spoiler=Tournament Paper]

[align=center]Round 1

Abidos IV VS ----

---- VS ----

---- VS ----

---- VS ----


Round 2

---- VS ----

---- VS ----


Round 3

---- VS ----



Talking and before/after Tournament's is done here while Dueling is done in YVD.

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