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Overduel: GX academy

spellcaster kid

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The story takes place a year after the GX series with Yubel but before 5D. After what happened in the dimension where duel monsters bacame real, it was decided that a new type of dueling was required. Therefore, the Real Time Duel System was designed. It was a duel disk that brought forward the monster spirit that belonged to the card that was played, then allowed the duelist to fuse with the spirit, to become the monster on the card. Traps are now placed in the duel area. For example, I could place trap hole on the ground in front of my opponent, then activate it when he passes over it. Each disk has a power limiter, which stops players from being killed. Instead, they only recive minor injuries. They also recieve a small amount of the damage inflicted to their duel spirit. You get the idea. Here's the entry form:





Bio: Optional. You can chose not to have one and reveal your story in the rp.

Deck: 20 cards minimum, 60 max, no ubers.



Position: Teacher or student.



My app:



Name: Zero Serukaba

Apearance: Bleach white hair, black eyes, slightly tanned skin.

Bio: Unknown.

Deck: Elemental hero burstinatrix x2, avian x2, bubbleman x1, clayman x2, sparkman x3, necroshade x1, prisma x1, startos x2, wildheart x2, bladedge x2, ocean x2, voltic x2, skyscraper x2, polmyrisation x4, future fusion x2, miracle fusion x3, trap hole x4, acid trap hole x2, bottomless trap hole x1, adhesion trap hole x3, giant trap hole x1, blue eyes white dragon x1, treacherous trap hole x1, dark magician x1, dark magic curtain x1.

Personality: Calm, unemotional. He is nice to people he cares about but insensitive to others.

Gender: Male

Position: Student



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