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Dude' date=' black and white is easy, just , right click > color > B&W



No sheet, sherlock. :/


Put some spaces between them or put 'em in spoilers. I have a short attention span (in a way), so it makes it hard to focus on each one. :[


I think your blending is fine, but the depth is lacking and the compo needs more work. I think removing the blue c4d would help a bit, get rid of some of the blur. My two cents. :]

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The only thing that REALLY saved this siggy from being a complete fail was because it followed the Rule of 3rds. That's pretty much it.


If you moved his head ANYWHERE else, this siggy would die instantly because of the C4D spam.


I really don't know what that green thing on the right is. Is it like an enlarged stem of a rose flower or something? Or a dragon's tail? I dunno.


If that thing in the middle is his hand, I suggest you rotate it 90 degrees, so the C4D on the left will feel like an arm than just a random effect.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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