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Game Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass


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Your name: Shockwave™

Game name: The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass

Game system: Nintendo DS

Online Capable: Yes

Rating: 3+

Thoughts about: A great game with a good story. Dungeons/Temples are win.





Story: You are Link. You are on Tetra's (Princess Zelda) ship with Tetra and her crew on your quest to find the Ghost ship and the supposed treasure abord it. The crew is scared, but Tetra is brave about it. You show no signs of bravery or cowardness. Neutralish, if you know what I mean. Suddenly, a mist falls down on you, and a eerie looking ship sails right next to your ship.


Tetra is excited, but the cabinmates are scared out of their wits. Tetra jumps on ship with her sword. Link stares at the Ship, waiting for tetra to say something. . . . . . . . . . . . Suddenly! Tetra screams, and the ship begins sailing away. You try to jump on board, but your hands slip, and you fall into the ocean. The other crew were too scared to try and help you (the cowardly [email protected]!) and thay are too scared to help Tetra (Must've shat their pants or something. . . . .). . . . . . . . .. . . . you faint.


You awaken on a beach, and an annoying fairy flying around you. She asks "Are you OK? I thought you were a gonner. . . . ." You tell her what happened, and how Tetra was kidnapped by the ghost ship. She is very shocked (*legasp!*). She has a bright idea; "Hey, Grandpa might now about the Ghost Ship!!". Now, the fairy's Grandpa is a frail old man, too wise for his own good. He tells you; "Following the Ghost Ship is Following your doom! You must not seek your friend, for it is far too dangerous!" The fairy objects and Link will not change his mind. The ol' man tells you to find a man by the name of "Linbeck" - a sailor (and a cowardly one) that might help you find the Ghost Ship (as long as he gets a little treasure. And by little, I mean more than half). So of you go with the old mans sword, off to seek Princess Zelda. . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .



Gameplay/Controls: The controls are pretty easy to master. You hold the stylus in the direction you want to go. Tap people to talk, and walk into houses to enter them. And to help even more, there is a minimap on the top screen which you can doodle on! The sword is just as easy. Tap enemies and you will strike at them, draw a line that divides you and your enemy to swish your sword and draw a circle around you to do a thing with your sword similar to a helicoptor's propellers. You gain Items on your travels, like a Grapple Hook, Boomerang, Bombs, Shovel, and more.





Bosses: I added this section for this game especially. The Bosses are dissapointing, but still fun. Even more dissapointing, the last boss takes a long time, but still somewhat averagely easy/hard. That is all.




Temples: Another Game exclusive section. Temples are the best part of the game. Difficult and fun, but slightly easy boss at the end. A temple on the Island with the Old man - The Temple of the Ocean King (You'll know more in the game ;D) - Which is fun, but somewhat repetitive.





Graphics: As a DS, the graphics arent exactly PS3 or XBox 360. But for a DS, they are pretty good. The cut scenes arent as great as the game itself, of course. The game is quite detailed, with houses being decorated etc. etc. IDK what else to say.




Online: There is online gameplay, but its not half as good as the Single Player, but still fun. The bad thing is the lag is so bad, someone apparently "Quits" when it is frozen for too long. It is more fun with wireless connection with someone in the same room (No lag). Anyways. In

Online/Wireless Gameplay, you are either Link (Trying to get "Force Gems" into the same colour safe zone as your Link) Or a trio of "Phantoms" (Trying to stop him from getting too much points). You control Link as you would do In Single Player, but no Sword. If you had a Sword, it wouldnt make a difference, since phantoms cant be killed (until later on in the Single PLayer - I wont spoil it ;]). When you pick up a Force gem, you can see the location of the phantoms. The bigger the force gem, the heavier it is but it gives you more points when you put it in your Safe Zone. When Controlling Phantoms, the minimap is on the bottom, and you draw paths for them with your stylus. Fortunatly, Phantoms can enter safe Zones. Phantoms can see Link all the time on the Mini-map, but not when he is in a safe zone. A good tactic with Phantoms is to surround their safe zone or the force gems.






+ Great Single Player Campaign.

+ IMO, The bosses are dissapointing.

+ The temples are epic. best part of the game.

+ Good Story.

+ Good fun in Multiplayer with someone in the same room.

- Online lag is so bad, you'll rarely get past the 1-2 min mark without someone "Quitting".

- Too short. I missed the game when I completed it. ='(

- Not enough temples. =''(

- Gets a little easy after a while.

- The Temple of the Ocean King is repetitive.

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Dude' date=' the last couple levels on the last temples were a killer. :P



Which ones? I found the hardesto to be the one with the Rock Giant at the end. I didnt find any other to be hard. Just average.


Much better than your last review I would say. It's still not perfect' date=' but close. =']

What is an example of perfect? XD

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