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My Ritual Card ( with spell)


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ok fine but how are they unrealistic


Perhaps the best way is to compare them to my cards:


[spoiler=Ritual Spell Cards. Yours on the Left' date= Mine on the Right]





In my card, you have the Ritual Summoning conditions, which are the same for all Ritual Monsters, tributing other monsters whose total levels equal the level of the monster you're trying to summon.

In your card, it isn't written as a Ritual Spell Card, more a Normal Spell Card that Special Summons a monster.


[spoiler=Ritual Monster. Yours on the Left, Mine on the Right]





Your card has incorrect summoning conditions on it. You don't need the 'cannot be Special(?) Summoned or Set' on a Ritual Monster. Also, your monster has a fake type, is underpowered, and doesn't have an effect.


Plus, your OCG needs work.

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