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[SW] Looking

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Is his neck missing o.o...?


And I swear, the black brush near his left hand makes it feel like he's fuelling up gas.


And for the star and line... You need another one. The Rule of Patterns.


1st time's a mistake, 2nd time's a pattern, and 3rd time's written in stone.


Put one more of the star and line on the left side or something.

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im sorry but this just looks horrible....render looks kinda choppy actually. and the text hurts my eyes.


b/w version is worse in my opinion.


the pentool that goes over the render looks blurred but off to the right it looks better.


idk what to say about this....it has parts that i love about it...but idk i think i need to get my eyes checked now...



its the render and text that kill it for me....fix those.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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