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Metal Gear Solid: the final Metal Gear *we need members!*

Necro Pheonix

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In this rp you are an agent sent by CIA,FOXHOUND,etc. You have been sent to investigate and stop a terrorist threat. Along the way you find that they are making a new and improved Metal Gear. This Metal Gear,being the most powerful, could destroy the world. I will control Snake and Raiden along with my own character. You may control a character from one of the games but you must have your own profile too.








weapon of choice:




my app



name:john kafer


bio:a young genius that idolizes snake and raiden. FOXHOUND asked him to join this mission thinking that it was a simple threat.

weapon of choice:M9 tranquilizer











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name:Aashar Aka Lighting

pic:looks like raiden but skin is darker and hair is black.

bio:Was a apprentice of raiden looked up to him. even though he had a son to train he kept training aashar until aashar lost conciousness

weapons of choice:Samurai sword,Nano machines(as he used in MGS4),M4 Carbine, and Barret 50 calb. Sniper rifle.

other:He has the same abilitys but raiden told him to find it himself.

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Sweet, and let the games begin!!!!!!


John switches on his codec and runs across the street.

John-sir, mission complete.

colenel-John, we recieved a terrorist threat, coming from a buisness facility in the middle of nowhere. They demand 100 billion dollars or they launch a nuke. go there and stop them. remember remain secret, FOXHOUND doesnt exist. Im sending the coordinates.

John-got it, will there be any other agents?

colenel-yes we are sending Snake and Raiden to help.

John-ok. Im moving out.

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Lightning Sitting on a rooftop.


Lightning: Hmmm Maybe i should check this john out.


Lightning then asked cornel for his frequency and got it from him.


Lightning:Hope hes as good as the cornol said.


Lightning contacts Johns frequncy.

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