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Pokemon cards


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[align=center]Kay, so, all mint condition...


Decided to post them here, was thinking about selling them, not to you on here obviously, but on eBay.


Want to know an average price you would honestly pay for one of these (of you were looking for them).


If you don't like pokemon cards/ don't collect them, and you're only going to say "I don't like pokemon cards", then don't post a reply.




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You can find out how much each individual card is worth on an online price guide. But of course, you're more than likely are not going to get full price for them. I don't play the Pokemon TCG because it fails so I don't know what a general set price would be for them.

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Well I just want like an average price for them.


They're some rare ones and in mint condition.


Some pokemon collector may pay highly for a few of them.


I wanted to sell them so I can buy some new Yugioh cards.

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Meh it all depends on a certain number.

I had Charizard 1st. edition man that card was worth 120 dollars.

it's in the right lower corner the higher the two numbers are, the less it's worth


for example you have 65/98, that shyt isn't worth... Well... Shyt.


but if you have 1/10 or anything that falls in the range of 1 and 10 than it's worth more.

if you have 1/2 that you're a lucky bastard, like me once, and you'll have the risk that Night Assasin will jump you for it.

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