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Fear set! (not game) FINISHED!


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If made this set after I've seen the movie May. The set is based on mythological creatures and monsters (and the fear from them). I hope you enjoy.
























[spoiler=effects]Wendigo: When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, Select 1 non-"Vereor Force" monster on your side of the field and equip it to this Card (The selected Card is treated as an Equip Spell Card). This card's ATK/DEF is the same as te equipped monsters original ATK/DEF. The selected Monster cannot be removed from this card by the effects of Monster, Spell or Trap Cards (When this card is removed from the field destroy the equipped monster).


Golem: This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by removing a number of Monster Cards in your Graveyard from play. The original ATK and DEF of this card becomes tghe number of monsters you removed from play when you Special Summoned this card x 400.


Abbadon:This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by removing 7 "Vereor Force" monsters from your Graveyard from play. Once per turn you can select the effect of 1 of the cards used to Special Summon this card and activate it as an effect of this card.


I know that there is an Vanilla between them but I like it that way so if you say something about it in a bad way I'll give you a -rep. If you see some errors in them tell me which ones and correct me plz.

Pic's from deviantart.(except one, is from google.)

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a word of advice' date=' dont set all of your cards at the same time


No one is going to want to read so much at one time,


take it slow and spoon feed them



I taught you that ;)


But yeah, people will skim read a few cards and look at the pics.


So I will give a generic rate.


OCG errors, some pics could be changed, a few are overpowered.

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