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Dude, where's your deck?


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Needle Worm x3

Malice Ascendant x3

Don Zaloog x3

Tomata Mistico x3

Chainsaw Insect x2

Destiny Hero - Defender x2

Goblin Zombeh x1



Gravekeep's Servant x3

Card Destruction x1

Lightning Vortex x1 [was this limited or not?]

Heavy Storm x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1

Pot of Avarice x2


TRAPS [14]

Robbin' Zombie x2

Assault on GHQ x2

Mirror Farts x1

Threatening x3

Solemn x3

Wrath x3

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Malice Ascendant. Wasn't that the card that mills 1 card per each of it's copies in the grave? Why?

Keyword in bold. If you have a suggestion about what to neg for it' date=' tell me.


Lightning Vortex is unlimited now, I believe.

w00t! I love failnami.

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