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Legion-The Warlock (two cards) rate plz i fixed it (Rate) ill give you rep


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This card is used to special summon "Legion-The Warlock". You have to tribute a monster with "Demon" in it's name to special summon "Legion-The Warlock" from your graveyard, deck, or hand. If "Legion-The Warlock" is destroyed, add this card from your gravyard to your deck and shuffle it.



This card can not be normal summoned. This card can not be special summoned, except by the effect of the Ritual Spell "Legion Summoning". If this card is still on the field, once per turn you can special summon a monster from the graveyard with "Demon" in it's name. For every "Demon" monster in your graveyard, this card gains 300 attack and 500 defense.

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