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Master White

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Main Rules: Make a card that has destruction in its card name but you can add to the name. Make it realistic and balanced pic. Has to have an effect.

Judged by:

Ocg /???/

Pic /???/

effect /???/

Rules /???/

How many cards /???/

A 3 point entry fee is required.

Prizes are:


1st place - 3 reps

2nd place - 2 reps

3rd place - 1 rep


Card Rules 1: Fusion Monster: No set limit on anything. Just make sure it uses an Destruction monster for its fusion material and it follows the main rules. Has to have a negative effect.

Card Rule 2: Synchro Monster: Has two have one Destruction monster as a synchro material monster and it has to follow the main rules. Has to have a negative effect.

Card Rule 3: Normal, effect, or side type Monsters: (Side type is like tuner, gemini, and etc.) Has to have its attack at 2000 and defense at 0. It also has to have four stars and attribute can be any kind other than Divine. It has to have a negative effect, I;E) Discard this card or this card is changed to defense position at the end phase or etc. Has to follow main rules.

Card Rule 4: Ritual Card: Has to have a negative effect.

Card rule 5: Spell/Trap: Has to work for Destruction monsters and it don't have to have a negative effect.


What I want is for you to come up with Three cards, Two Destruction monsters and one trap or spell to go with them. If you want to make more, feel free to do so. If any need of help, just feel free to pm me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Have fun. I am looking for Judges. Pm me if you want to be a Judge. Once it hits the end date, this thread will be Locked and Judged. Winner Will be announced at the day after the end Date.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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